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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The first weekend since the buses were back on the road, and I of course shopped my heart out. More clothes than makeup this time, however, so the haul is not too big lol.

You all heard me screaming about the Revlon lip butter $3.99 2-day deal at Shoppers, right?

Here are my 4 tubes, pretty in pink quited packaging, from L-R: Candy Apple, Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart and Strawberry Shortcake. It was a hard decision to stop at 4, I tell you.

I was even more excited to find the Gosh $7 clearance bin was reduced to $3 a piece. Couldn't pass it up.

From top - bottom:
- Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner in Blue Lagoon, Green Devil and Green Grass.
- Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow pen in Love that Copper and Love that Purple.
- Gosh Effect powder in Azure, Rose Gold and Meringue.

I found a huge clearance section at the Lawtons location I couldn't get to in the last month and a half. A lot of things I had seen before for 50% off were reduced even further (like 75% off).

Grabbed some of the China Glaze Holiday sets, $3.99 each.  I know the markup on these was high, so I never buy them at full price.

On the top: Berry Sweet set with Velvet Bow, Ring in the Red and a Holiday Berry moisturizing lotion.

On the bottom: Deck the Halls set with Glittering Garland, Champagne Bubbles and a cuticle oil.

Single China Glaze bottles for $.99, I got Icicle and Tinsel Town. OPI were $2.49, mostly pinks/reds, I only got a bottle of base coat, and Warm & Fozzie.

And a new exciting product display at Lawtons I gotta tell you about.

This is Layla Hologram Effects. I was really excited to see Lawtons add this new line to the Layla MagEffects they already carry, $15.99 a bottle. Now all I need is a good sale.

The shades in the Hologram Effect line:
- 01 Mercury Twilight
- 02 Coral Glam
- 03 Retro Pink
- 04 Ultra Violet
- 05 Jade Groove
- 06 Mermaid Spell
- 07 Ocean Rush, and
- 08 Flash Back.

Oh Layla, I love you from the first sight!

This display isn't as new as Layla but I think it's worth mentioning - Milani Texture with Jewel Fx and One Coat Glitter Specialty nail lacquers.

From L-R: Gems, Gold, Silver, Red Sparkle, Gold Glitz and Silver Dazzle.

All shades have been released before, except Red Sparkle having new gold glitters mixed in with the red ones. Based on what I saw on blogs, the new shade is less saturated than the old one and I actually prefer the old Red Sparkle.

The price is increased a bit, $6.29 vs. $5.99 with the first release. This display is not of my interest (as I already own the shades I wanted before) but would be the second chance for those who missed out last time, especially for Gems. Watch out for sales.

With the weather warming up, everybody seems to be itching to shop for summer clothes. We had lots of surprising finds at H&M, Sirens and Winners.

Also grab a pair of tan wedges from Payless (with their F&F 30% off promo). These are the "Sarah" from Montego Bay Club. Reg. $39.99, on sale for $27.99, after discount I paid $19.50.

Squirt got 2 pairs of boots there for great prices too.

I am waiting for some online nail polish orders to come in, hopefully soon so I can show them to you. Until then, have a great day out there!


  1. nooo!!! I missed out on the lip butters at shoppers!!! I really need to find a Lawton's around me, I wonder if there are even any in Toronto :( Great deals. I just ordered a Layla holographic online, they are supposed to be amazing so I can't wait!

  2. Danielle, make sure to check my flyer deal post every Friday so you don't miss any good deals like this (or get on twitter, I'm pretty "noisy" on there, lol). Unfortunately, Lawtons is only in the Maritimes

  3. Glad to know that the transit strike is over. It's been a long time :-(

  4. I came out of Shoppers with only the berry smoothie lip butter. So proud of myself! :D Almost bought the peach one as well, but decided against it due to the reviews. I also picked up two MLBB shades from the super lustrous line. I saw the GOSH discount box, but it only had some bright green liquid eyeliners and some lip balms. I guess it had already been out for awhile. :/

    Also- my Lawtons location sucks. We never seem get good discounts like that. :(

    That polish looks amazing!! I just wish it was cheaper. :/

    YAY BUSES~! I'm so glad they're back! :)

    Whoops, this comment is getting long.

  5. I was just in my store and my Gosh discount bin was still $7! I was eyeing somethings up I wanted too! Glad I waited and I will check back again to see if they reduce it!

  6. I couldn't resist getting one (yes, only one!) lip butter for $3.99 either, I chose Cupcake but I really want Strawberry Shortcake and some others too!

  7. Julie, thank you, it was really long indeed

    Ally, only one? Just kidding lol. Yes, not all Lawtons have great clearance area, unfortunately. And I love long comments :)

    Ally and Nancy, the Gosh clearance varies lots among store. I saw another store had it displayed very neatly, but $4 each. I guess it's up to the manager's decision.

    Gaby, if your lips are light, Strawberry Shortcake would be a great colour. I don't know if it shows up on mine yet, but it is lovely swatched :)

  8. Ooh I love your lip butter choices! strawberry shortcake is one of my favs. I also picked up sweet tart, along with creamsicle and pink truffle! what a great deal :D

  9. SunYoung, thank you :) I'm glad you picked some up, they are so enjoyable, aren't they?

  10. Thank you for sharing the SDM lip butters deal, I didn't have time to get to SDM before they closed on Monday, but I got a price match at Wal-Mart.

    I only picked up one, because everything was pretty much picked over, but I just wanted to thank you again!

  11. I usually do check you site every Friday because i love your flyer posts. I vaguely remember seeing the seal in the flyer myself but I guess it must have slipped my mind. I'm super sad about not having any Lawton's around, but if I ever do come across one you can bet i'll be checking it out :)

  12. Arezu, I always forget about Walmart's price matching. Great that you can still get them at great price :) And you are very welcome.

    Danielle, awww, let's hope they'll bring the deal back some time soon. Not all Lawtons are great, stock and clearance wise, but yes, if you come across one, don't walk pass it without coming in :)