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Montagne Jeunesse masks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Don't masks just scream "ME time" to you? I always want (and buy) facial masks with full intention to use them, but it is not always easy to find time for that.

I was sent a few Montagne Jeunesse masks to try out, a good excuse for "ME time, right now". As they are suggested to be used weekly, I did have a good few weeks to indulge in these :)

From L-R: Green Tea Peel Off, Dead Sea Mud Pac and Very Berry.

You apply the mask on clean skin, relax for about 15 minutes and rinse (or peel) off - depending on the type. I normally go beyond that time span just because I am greedy. Not always a good thing to do, I'll tell you more about that.

First mask I tried was the Dead Sea Mud Pac - Anti stress, ultra deep pore cleanse for normal, oily and T-zone skin with Sea kelp nutrients, just right for my skin type.

The mud is a beautiful mint colour and smells like a spa product (you know that typical scent you smell when you go to a spa?). It first comes out of the pack like a lotion but dries really quickly, so you will have to work fast.

Also for this reason, you can't leave it on too long. When your skin feels tight as the mask dries, you have to wash it off :) And the skin feels really smooth and relax after. Such a great treat.

The pack is 0.7oz/ 20g, gluten free, with no added parabens. Main ingredients: Purified water, Kaolin, Glycerin, Alcohon denat., Glyceryl stearate SE, Sodium citrate, Polysorbate 20, etc.

Then I tried the Green Tea Peel Off mask - Detox & Pore Cleansing with squeezed lemon (reviving), green tea (uplifting) and ginger (healing), for normal to oily skin. I totally need this for my skin too.

I am a big fan of green tea anything (from tea, ice cream to skin care products), so I left this mask on longer than 15 minutes. It was hard to peel off, then my face feels like it was tortured because of all the pulling. Totally my fault, not the product of course.

The second try, it was perfectly fine. My skin feels clean and lighter (not in colour but in weight). Hard to describe :)

The mask has a runny gel consistency, with a green tinted colour, quite sticky. The scent is really light, almost not noticeable.

This pack has 0.3oz/ 10ml, also gluten free, with no added parabens. Main ingredients: Purified water, Polyvinyl alcohol, Lauryl glycol ether, Sodium citrate, Propylene glycol, fragrance, fresh lemon, glycerin, etc.

The last mask, also my favorite of the bunch, Very Berry - Ultra moisturizing and cleansing, with the juice of pressed blueberries and crushed cranberries (antioxidant), Peach Kernel oil and Aloe (soothing), good for all skin types.

The texture is almost a glowy lotion, feels really nice and smooth on the skin, with a faint (and refreshing) scent of fresh berries. I don't normally lean toward berry scented products but this mask is absolutely pleasant to use. Sometimes, your skin just simply need some moisture, nothing big, and that is what this mask offers.

This pack is 0.5oz/ 15g. Main ingredients: Purified water, Glyceryl stearate SE, Stearic acid, Glycol stearate, Glycerin, Bentonite (Natural clay), Titanium dioxide, etc.

All in all, I enjoy giving my face different relaxing treatments that it deserves. If there's one thing I would add, the packs should be resealable, as I could not finish them in one use, even if I spread them down my neck (and hands sometimes). I know I can put the rest in a container for future uses, but that is not convenient. Some Montagne Jeunesse masks do come in 80ml bottles, but not all.

You can find these masks at almost every drugstore. They are also available on Farleyco for $1.99 each (or $5.49 for the bottle), with flat rate shipping of $8.50 within Canada (or free with $50 orders).