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Weekly flyer deals

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I interrupt the regular posting of flyer deals today for some important product announcements.

It has been confirmed that my beloved Marcelle AC Solution line has been discontinued. I spotted red clearance stickers on the line at Lawtons a week or two ago but assumed it was a product revamp until yesterday :( I am really sad to see it go and will stock up my essentials. You can click on the link above to read my review.

On a positive note, it has also been confirmed that Essence will make its official arrival to Canada drugstores on March 1.

Now, if you are a long time reader of the blog, you might remember I found a big Essence display (pictured) at Shoppers back in September 2010. A lot of you were very excited about that but most couldn't find the display in their stores. I am not sure if it was a test run of the brand in Canadian market. There were also some LE collections (Denim Wanted, I remember) released then but they were gone pretty unnoticed.

I don't have any further details of the March launch of Essence, so we just have to keep an eye out for their arrival. I'm most excited about their nail polish, especially LE collections. They are cheap and fun.

EDIT: Shoppers will start launching out Essence on February 27, expecting all Shoppers to have the brand by March 24. Check your store for dates.

Ok, back to the flyers :)
Shoppers: Sat - Mon: Beauty redemption event: 40,000 points = $90 or 80,000 points = $200 for cosmetics and fragrances only
- Life brand/ Balea skin care: 25% off
- Aveeno shave gel, skin care: 30% off
- Biore, Garnier, Jamieson skin care: 30% off
- Vichy Aqualia/ Nutrilogie skin care: 25% off
- RoC/ Reversa skin care: 20% off
- Dermaglow, Burt's Bees skin care: 15% off
- Revlon eye/ Almay Smart Shade makeup: 35% off
- Almay eye (selected types): CAD7.99
- Maybelline (selected types): CAD7.99 (pic includes Dream products, Bouncy blushes, etc.)
- Maybelline Fit Me: CAD8.99
- Revlon Photo Ready makeup: 10% off
- L'Oreal Colour Riche gloss/ lipstick, Extra Volume/ Voluminous False Lashes mascara, Extra Intense liner: CAD9.99
- L'Oreal HIP Duo eyeshadow, True Match makeup: 15% off
- Cover Girl Simply Ageless: CAD14.99
- Cover Girl brow pencil, Clean makeup, Exact Eyelights mascara, Outlast lip: 10% off
- Rimmel (selected types): CAD5.49
- Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara: CAD8.99
- Marcelle eye (selected types): CAD7.99
- Sally Hansen Complete Salon, Crackle, Nail Growth nail polish: CAD6.99
- Essie nail polish: CAD8.99
- Revlon scented, Top Speed nail polish/ treatment: CAD6.99
- Revlon ColorStay nail polish: CAD7.99
- Quo by Orly nail polish: CAD8.99
- Travalo atomizer: CAD9.99 (remember that you get the first refill with any perfume in store for free).

- Garnier Skin Renew skin care: 25% off (including the BB cream)
- Vichy/ Bioderma skin care, body care: 20% off
- Montagne Jeunesse masks: 20% off
- B Kamins: Free Day lotion SPF15 with purchase of AHA+BHA or Lactic-10
- Revlon mascara: 30% off
- Maybelline mascara: 25% off
- L'Oreal: 25% off
- LA Girl/ LA Colors: 20% off
- Physicians Formula: 20% off
- Aero Minerale makeup mist foundation: BOGO
- Annabelle pressed powder, blush, bronzer: 25% off
- Vasanti: Free single eyeshadow with $30 purchase
- Impress nails: 25% off
- Layla Magneffect nail polish: 25% off
- Compliments nail polish remover, implements: BOGO.

- Aquolina Pink Sugar (30ml): CAD14
- Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion mascara: CAD7.47
- Almay Smart Shade Balance, makeup, Anti-age foundation: CAD14.96.

- Aussie hair care/ styling: CAD2.79.


  1. Thanks for the head's up on Essence! Exciting news, for sure! One more thing to look forward to in March! :D Point of clarification, the brand should be in most Shoppers, right?

  2. "Travalo atomizer: CAD9.99 (remember that you get the first refill with any perfume in store for free)"

    WHAT? Those stinkers never told me that GRRRR
    I am going back there :(
    thanks for the heads up on that!

  3. Carmela, I assume they would come to Shoppers, but maybe all drugstores too. No info at this point unfortunately

    Raina, not all SAs know about this. It was just pure luck that the SA I met the day I bought the Travalos knew

  4. Omg! I'm so excited about essence, really hope they come to shoppers. I really want their eyeshadows and lip glosses. Hopefully the price markup won't be too high :x

  5. I hope so too :) Didn't try much of their stuff last time they were here

  6. Glad to hear Essence is coming back! You may also be interested to know Lawtons has the Color Club Backstage Pass and FOILED Collections for just under $7. They also have the OPI Nicki Minaj collection (saw them both at HSC tonight). Claire's has magnetic polishes now too... even more shades than Icing! Now go buy something nice to ease the pain of this stupid transit strike lol

  7. Yes, I spotted the Color Club but think it'd cost more to buy them individually than grabbing the whole set from Winners. The lady at Claire's told me they'd have 4 magnetic colours so I thought they'd be exactly the same as the ones from Icing. Thanks for letting me know. I can't even go to Claire's without the bus :(

  8. i heard the essence thing on another blog last night and OH MY GOD i am SOOOO excited.
    i ran right to shoppers to see if my store had it in yet but they didn't. good thing there is one right by my house... i'll be stalking!

  9. Lol I don't think they are in store yet, cause we're still more than a week away from March 1 :) I love your excitement

  10. well one blogger said the display was up in her store i think so i went on her intel haha. needless to say i found nothing. buuuuut... i'm stalking.

  11. Wow really? I haven't been to my fav store, hope we can see something real soon