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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Sad to report that this series might become rare on the blog after this post, until further notice. With the transit strike happening tomorrow, I am totally immobile. Trips to stores will be quick in and out, if any at all, until buses are back on the road. Hope you understand.

Anyway, here are stuff I found last weekend, hoping to give you heads-ups on things you might have an eye on.

My little Maybelline haul from Shoppers, where selected products are on sale for $5.99 - sale is still on till the end of the week.

The Color Tattoos were part of the flyer pic for this deal so I knew I had to grab some - another Tough as Taupe and the two that I didn't have already - Too Cool and Fierce & Tangy. Have been rotating the ones I bought before, really enjoying them, so what's 3 more?

The Dream Bouncy Blushes are surprisingly part of the $5.99 sale (they retails $10.49 regularly at Shoppers and $7.96 at Walmart). I picked up Candy Coral and Plum Wine. I read that intense looking shades give you better payoff, but I am still on the fence on these, to be honest.

For the rest of the week, Shoppers gives you 8,000 points with $50 purchase, just in case you need an extra push :)

Not much at Lawtons this time other than these Cala Nail strips on clearance for just $1.49 a pack of 20 strips.

There's no individual names to the styles, so a quick pick to give you an idea of what they offer. Hot pink and black checkers, black zebra stripes on glittery gold background, black fishnet on glittery backgrounds, etc.

I'll be using these as a test run, before diving in more expensive ones out there. Still a snob with nail art and anything besides painting my nails.

This is a great sale you might want to know. Walmart has this whole Rimmel display with products on sale for $4.48 this week.

Well, the Kate Moss lipsticks (reg. about $6) look really nice, I love the red and fuchsia shades. The eyeshadow palettes (around $7.50 normally) had been getting good raves on US beauty blogs, we finally get some. I passed on these though, trying to control myself but thought some of you might appreciate the sale info.

And another new display I found at Walmart was for the new/ revamped Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish line, $4.97 a piece. The bottle design is different, and the new colours are pretty nice too.

The top shelf, on the far right is Glass Slipper, one of the most sought-after shades from this release. No sign of Black Tie though :( The display was full, so it wasn't sold out or anything. I wonder if Canada will get this shade at all. If you see it in store, please let me know.
And for those who have been looking for Calgon Red Velvet body mist in Canada, Walmart finally has it in for $6.97! Now you know where to find it.

Hope you are ready for February. It's all grey outside today, but what's new? :)


  1. Hi Halifax, sorry to hear about the transit strike. I hope that the situation is resolved soon for your sake. Best, Julie

  2. i am loving your haul! Didn't even know Maybelline has those blushes out...I guess I haven't kept up to date with whats new on the scene lately :)

  3. Woah I totally didn't realize last time I walked into shoppers the dream bouncy blushes were part of the deal. Def need to pick those up!

  4. Julie, thanks so much. I hope so too

    S, you have been MIA yes. Please come back soon

    SunYoung, hope you can grab some before the sale ends :)