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NOTD: Ozotic Pro 513

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Holographic nail polish to the rescue! It has been a crazy week with temperature fluctuating between -22 and +4 (-8F and 39F). I just desperately needed something cheerful.

And here it is, Ozotic Pro 513. Glad I got some Ozotics way back when so the bottle is round and fat, easy to hold (can't stand the new bottle design now).

The first 2 pics were taken with flash. Like a typical Ozotic holo, 513 shines like crazy when the strong light hits it.

Another angle that show the colour even deeper. I was so in love while taking pics, a big fan of this type of strong linear holo, and it's purple. We can't have too many shades like this.

However... yeah, there is a however with this one. If you remember my previous NOTD of Ozotic Pro 522, it was a liner holo through and through. 513, however, is a shy shade without the sun or yellow light. I only in love with half of how it shows up on my nails during the time I wear it.

This is how it looks indoor, with indirect natural light. You can still see the light holo effect which makes the shade pop a little, not totally flat. Just that it is not the crazy holo I saw under the flash. The same way in the bottle as well, I can tell the difference looking at 513 and 522 bottles, side by side.

If there is a nail polish fairy, I would ask to switch up the holo from 522 to 513, as I love purple a lot more than pink. This is to show that not all shades under one brand are created the same way.


  1. I agree completely about the temperature! Plus 8 today and -6 tomorrow argh, I can't stand it. I"m in looove with this polish! I've never see anything like, gorgeous

  2. Temperature between -22 and +4, the less we have is -6 and i'm already freezing, I cannot imagine -22º.
    Concerning the nail polish, the picture with flash is fantastic!

  3. oemgee~!
    sooo gorgeous xD
    ahhh i wish I had long nails again. I had to trim them short cause they kept splitting from the work im doing at my practicum. sich a pain to look at my stubby nails and fingers >_< lol
    I can't wait til the end of Feb when I can have lovely long nails, and polish applied everyday xD

  4. Candace, we'll all go crazy with temp like this huh? Ozotic is a great brand, just not cheap and not easy to get :(

    Tuli, yep, that's Canadian winter :) We just have to bundle up lol

    Rasilla, Feb will come soon enough for you. Polish up those nails, lady!

  5. I’m so happy I found your blog! Great write ups. I’m really into the New French mani or the Fancy French Mani… not sure if you seen Lisa Elderidge’s site or You tube channel, she shows how to do it there.
    BTW Thanks for the review on the BB cream I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    If you have time stop by my YT channel
    cheers! Janet xOx

  6. Janet, thanks for stopping by. I do watch Lisa Elridge

  7. i came by just to look at this again LOL