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NOTD: Ozotic Pro 522

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hello Monday, hello everyone. This post was supposed to be posted in the weekend but blogger didn't show any of my uploaded pics (even when the HTML codes were there). Blogger is still trying to figure out the problem but suggested a "workaround" solution. So here are my pics, lol.

This stunning holo nail polish is from no other brand than Ozotic Pro.

If you remember what I said in my Ozotic Pro haul post, this brand is known for their multi chromes, and I did show you Ozotic Pro 505 to prove the point. Little did I know that they also have crazy holographic shades that just stun you, even in the shade. This is Ozotic Pro 522.

The first 2 pics were taken at night, with flash. I think my camera freaked out, as it has never seen anything holo like this. If you click to enlarge the pics, you'll see it in full glow.

I tried a few different angles, but pictures came out pretty much the same. The bottle glared so hard, and my nails were just like rainbow under the flash. Don't know if I have any more wonderful words to describe it. I'd love to leave you with just pictures to stare at, but the post looks so empty without words :) So feel free to skip what I'm babbling below and stare at the colour if you like. Though I'll be talking about ordering, new shades, etc. which might be fun to read :)

After seeing this holo, I regret not ordering more. Note that this is a shade from 500's series, which I thought meant multi chromes. I got a few holos from 600's series, but they can't compete with the 500's.

The last 3 pics below were taken in direct sunlight, through a glass window.

If you are contemplating an Ozotic Pro order, or swapping, ask for 500's holo, starting from 511. My order dated way back to last year, so price was actually very reasonable. Even after 2 times shipping cost (the etailer shipped to my friend in Australia, and then she shipped them to me), I can still say that it's worth every penny. The hard part is find someone to get them for you.

I saw that a few of you have recently gone crazy and got China Glaze OMGs and Kaleidoscopes off ebay with quite prices, I totally understand why, with my Ozotic Pro experience :)

Also recently, an Australian etailer mentioned they will soon be allowed to ship nail polish internationally. Too bad they don't sell Ozotic Pro, but at least now we know that it's possible. Before this, etailers were warned not to ship nail polish outside Australia or face a fine - as I was told by the etailer I bought Ozotic Pro from. I emailed them, asking if there is a chance they follow suit with international shipping but haven't heard back. If they do, I'll let you all know.

After seeing this, I have been meaning to take back the China Glaze Tronica to Sally. I meant they aren't bad, but with the weak holo effect and a CAD5.99 price tag, they are no match to Ozotic Pro 500's holos.

I'll be saving my $ and maybe one day, I can place another Ozotic Pro order. I have seen they are coming out with 3 new Elytra shades (528, 529 and 530) that are both glittery and multi-chrome. Crazy enough for you? Feel free to google the swatches to see for yourself. They are a triple yes for me, of course and are in my wish list from the brand. Why don't Ozotic Pro have a website or a twitter account? - so I can bug them to no end until they sell their precious nail polish to me.

One last pic with the bottle glory and my fingers popping in for a shot. I don't normally show this many mani photos, so let 522 be the first to break the record.

How did your weekend go? I had a crappy Saturday with someone standing me up and wasted my time. I went shopping afterward, so I will post a haul soon. The Toronto Beauty Bloggers had a fun meetup yesterday, which I missed out. Maybe one day I will make it there, representing the east coast, lol.

It has been quite sunny in the last few days, but we woke up this morning seeing snow on the ground. A very thin layer though, nothing major like other provinces, still a surprise. Anyway, I'm just happy that I can see the pics now and can finally post them up for you. Let me know what you think about this holo.


  1. Wow that is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with holos right now too! I've been wanting to get some BYS colour changing polishes from Aussie but unfortunately they don't ship overseas too.

  2. Oooo weee! That is one smashin' color!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is an awesome holo! It looks the same on your nails as it does in the bottle, haha. What a cool effect *covets*.

  4. I just found a site that will ship these from Australia, but shipping is pricey AND worth it. Yes, I ordered multi-chromes (my weakness) but I will be placing an order to try these lovely 500 series holos. Thanks for reminding me I have more lemmings. ;) Its beautiful on you.


  6. So GORGEOUS!!!!
    Sorry you had a crappy weekend. :( Hopefully this week is better for you!!

  7. That is one wicked color. I feel like it's hypnotizing me!

  8. I am soo behind on the holo trend! I love your nails =D

  9. Oh my, this is such a fabulous holo. I have the red one in my stash, after seeing your swatches I need to use it asap!

  10. Cheryl, if you have access to BYS, go for it :) To this side of the globe, it's still rare

    Laura, Love B, thank you. I truly love it as it didn't disappoint

    Chris, I'm looking forward to seeing your haul

    Beauty Combat, awww glad you felt that way

    Tracy, thank you for reading all the way to see my day "highlight"

    Ashley, needless to say I was looking at it constantly :)

    Shop N' Chomp, thank you. We don't have enough holos in this world

    Cel, yes you need to put it on right away. Red would be stunning