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Lawtons' nail polish clearance

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Saturday, I walked in my beloved Lawtons and saw a few red stickers at the nail polish section. Yee haw!!!

First was the Freshcover shelf. I have seen this brand for forever at Lawtons but didn't pay much attention. The nail polish has interesting cap and bottle shape, sells for CAD5.99 a piece.

The red tags were for 50% off, so I was all ears (and eyes) this time, lol. I got Sunbath, Water Lilies and Pegasus. The whole line seems to be cleared out, but I tried to be good and not to get all shades.

Also found 4 lonely Revlon Black with Envy, CAD5.50 regularly, red-tagged as well. If only Carbonite gets here, my dupe list would be complete for Chanel popular shades :)

Lawtons has also been carrying some basic OPI colours and a few LE collections. At CAD9.99 a bottle, it wasn't really a deal I want to indulge, you can imagine. But when I saw some red tags on them, I dug around for a good 10 minutes to make sure I didn't miss any cool colours.

First row, from L-R: Senorita Rose-alita (2002 South American collection), Shim-merry Chic (2009 Holiday Wishes collection) and Guy Meets Gal-Veston (2011 Texas collection).

Second row: The One that Got Away, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream (2011 Katy Perry collection) and Stranger Tides (2011 Pirates of the Caribbean collection). Not too bad at all. Note that not all Lawtons carry OPI, so call ahead if you want to go hunt for some.

Extra discount on clearance items is my favorite kind of sale (other than the 50% off or BOGO). Some clothing stores are doing the same with their summer stocks - extra 50% off on pink stickers at Smartset and extra 40% clearance at American Eagle - started yesterday. I found 2 summer dresses for like $12 a piece. Very happy. Now I'm just waiting for Old Navy to do the same lol. If you found some good sales, drop me a line, will ya?


  1. Pegasus is AWESOME. I picked it up back when it was full price sadly. But I have another Fresh Cover I want to try! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Dang! Girl you always get great deals! Nice Haul!

  3. Oh man, I love seeing those red sticks on stuff at Lawtons. I think I buy stuff I don't even need, just because of the red sticker. I find Lawtons is more likely to have stuff on clearance than, say, Shoppers. Although last month back, the little-tiny-ghetto-Shoppers by my apartment had some Nicole by OPI polishes on sale for $1. I'm not much of a nail polish person, but I was happy to see that deal.

  4. Very nice haul. Love the look of Water Lilies and it isn't even a colour I normally go for either. :)

  5. Annie, it looks fab in the bottle, hopefully on the nails too :) And you're welcome

    J, I'm just lucky to have a Lawtons :)

    Jilliterate, me too lol, get sucked in everytime. Whoa, $1 Nicole is awesome. Next time pls tell me so I can go grab some :)

    Twistedanglewings, it does look awesome for the summer. A bit sheer though

  6. oh lawtons, I wish we had you~
    cause at that price, the KP line would be mine as well. but alas, I really don't have to have i have a never ending supply of polish anyway...right??

    great haul :P

  7. Rasilla, the thing with sale is that if you see it in person, you'd have a lot less self-control lol