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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I'm back to Monday's regular post topic: Hauls :) It was a good week of deals.

First up is Del Sol nail polish. If you don't know the brand already, they make products that change colours in the sun. I have been a fan of their nail polish, as they are really fun to wear (and watch they change colours right in front of your eyes).

Del Sol nail polish is sold at their retail store here for CAD10 each, buy 3 get 1 free - work out to be CAD7.50 each if you buy 4. Lawtons also sells them for CAD9.99, not great usually ...

Unless there is a sale :) This week Lawtons has them on BOGO. CAD4.99 a bottle is a steal, right?

From L-R: Del Sol Island Fever, Diva, Surfer Girl, Sassy and Day Dreamer.

The bottle shot didn't do a good job in showing the colours, they are prettier IRL. The last 3 bottles might look similar in the pic but they have different sheens, hard to capture.

The colour dots on the cap indicate the colours the polish would change into if they are in the sun.

Island Fever - lime green will change to teal green
Diva - mauvy pink to fuchsia pink
Surfer Girl - baby pink to orangy yellow - the only shade of yellow Del Sol has
Sassy - pale pink with gold sheen to baby pink
Day Dreamer - pale pink with fuchsia sheen to dark purple.

Also at Lawtons, Rimmel is being cleared out for 50% off. I'm not sure the brand is being replaced or it was just a revamp of the display.

I only get 2 things, trying to be good.
- Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter, CAD3.75
- Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara, CD3.99.

Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer is also on clearance for half price (CAD12.25) at one of the Lawtons, not all. I'm not sure why. I heard the concealer is even better at concealing than the Corrective foundation, so gotta give it a try.

Sally has lots of Buy 2 get 1 free promos this month, including all brands of nail polish. Too bad the new collections in store weren't that interesting, so I didn't buy any.

Instead, I bought some stuff for my hair. Heard good things about argan oil but don't think I can fork out $$$ for the real stuff. These are from the One 'n Only brand: Argan Oil Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner (350ml, CAD11.99 each).

This brand is part of the Buy 2 get 1 free promo, which was why I decided to try it now instead of later :)

For the free item, I got the Argan Oil treatment (100ml, reg. CAD11.99). It supposedly provides instant shine, smoothness, frizz control and colour protection.

I also found another brand for argan oil there: Proclaim. The whole line was on sale for CAD6.99 each. I wanted to make a comparison between the brands, so I got the Proclaim Natural 7 Oil. It's in a spray bottle, 237ml, could be used for hair, scalp, body or cuticles - multi purposes.

The staff at Sally couldn't recommend one brand over the other, so she told me to try both and I could return/ exchange if I don't like them. Guess that's what I'll do.

And lastly, my redemption haul at Shoppers yesterday. I wasn't planning to redeem this week as sales weren't that great, but "accidentally" found some good deals in store, so I did.

Neostrata is 30% off for the week. There were some value packs that are fortunately part of the sale as well (this doesn't happen very often). Double saving, plus redemption mean you don't have to spend $ out of your pocket. How can you turn that down?

On the left is the 2-for-1 Night Repair cream with 6% Glycolic acid (50ml each), reg. CAD33 a piece, I paid $23 for two.

On the right is the Oil Free Day time Smoothing lotion SPF15 (level 3, with 10% Glycolic Acid), reg. CAD38, with free bonus Oil Free Smoothing lotion (level 3). I paid CAD26.60 for the pack. There are level 1 (5% Glycolic Acid) and level 2 (8% Glycolic Acid) as well, same price point.

I was looking for face masks that really do the job. I ran out of those Asian branded ones my friend gave me, my face doesn't like to be ignored.

Neostrata has 2 kinds of masks. On the left is the Smoothing Cleansing mask (50gr, reg. CAD23) with 10% Glycolic acid and white clay to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and deep cleanses.

On the right is the Moisture Rescue Sheet mask (8's, reg. CAD40) with 0.15% of pure Hyaluronic acid to provide long lasting hydration and restores softer skin. The label is printed on the side, not on the front, so I took a pic with an angle to show you lol.

Have to admit that these prices aren't the best for my wallet but I got them on sale, and traded my points for them, so I can't complain. But if I get addicted with this brand, I'm in trouble lol.

If you get some good stuff in the weekend, stop by and tell me.


  1. I've never seen the Del Sol polishes for sale in Ontario, but it makes me a little ticked off that Canadians get shafted on the price of these. These were 3/$10 regular price when I was in the US last month.

  2. It must be an LE clear out of some sort, cause I have heard people buy Del Sol the same price in the US ($10), same thing on their website too. I don't think we get robbed

  3. Oooh! I wat to try those Neo Strata masks! i will need to go pick them up! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. You always find some great deals! The Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter seems interesting, I've seen it on quite some blogs. As for the Lash Accelerator mascara, I didn't really heard great things about it, but for $3.99, who can complain? Hope it will works for you!

  5. Excellent hauls and finds. I know of Del Sol but not well. Thanks for the further information. Would love to see these lacquers in action. And I use the Argan Oil on my hair. Love it!

  6. Tracy, I tried the sheet mask and liked it. Hope it works for you

    Gaby, the Match Perfection got great reviews, so I'm hopeful. I couldn't help myself getting the mascara lol We'll see

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, I only posted Del Sol Ruby Slippers on here, but have worn quite a few. I like the fun effect :) I do hope the brand of argan oil I got works for me

  7. Please do a reaview on the argan one and only. i have been wanting to try it.

  8. Meng, will do. I'm testing it out at the moment :)