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NOTD: Avon Rave

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Taking a break from a long haul post yesterday, I'm posting a short NOTD.

This is Avon Nailwear Pro in Rave, a shade that kinda takes the back burner when other more talked about shades get the spot light. But I like it. With the craziness of dark shades, cremes and flakies lately, I sometimes forget the simple shades that can balance that all out.

I ordered this shade in a wimp, after seeing a beautiful swatch online. It is what I imagined it was. Gorgeous shimmer, toned down colour that is great for work and reasonable wear. No problem with application either. I believe this is 2 coats.

I am having a roller coaster of emotions this morning, which explains the short post. I was researching about some warehouse sales in Toronto that I might get to go when I'm in town next month. Getting all excited and all, then I heard about the passing of a very talented makeup artist, Ale, aka QueenB Makeup. Her blog was one of the very first blogs I read, and it was very inspirational. I remember I wished I could one day do something half as good as what she did. She is so young and cheerful, why gone so soon?

I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow. For now, I can't find words to say. Sorry, everyone.