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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I had a successful trip to the store last night, so as promised, here are what I have been collecting all around town since the last week or two. And there are coupon info at the end you don't want to miss.

This first piece of sale info is for my local readers. The Bay near the mall is closing down and clearing out stuff for 40% off on last ticketed prices (exclude cosmetics and fragrances, lol). I of course went with stuff previously on clearance for best savings.

This little beauty is Nine West Maribella slingback, reg. CAD120, clearance price was $59.99. I paid 35.99. My ankles are not very strong, so I was happy to see the heels at the acceptable height. Can't rock sky-high shoes, for the sake of beauty lol.

The shoes were sorted out by size, so I was happy to find another pair to accompany my Nine West. The section for my size wasn't that big to beginning with, mostly flats.
This second pair is Sam & Libby Expire open-toed booties, last sale price was $39.99 (no tag to show original price), and I paid $23.99.

There were fall/ winter jackets, household/ bedding stuff, etc. I got Squirt a shirt with cute prints on the front, not much left at the children department.

Also on the closing sale front, the chain of Suzy Shier, Stiches and Sirens at the mall is moving out as well. Almost everything is $10 or less, no winter/ spring jackets though. I got a few dresses, but wasn't lucky with the shoes - sizes were picked over. A little bird told me we might get a Sephora, Hollister, H&M or something to fill the empty space at the mall soon.

From Shoppers, my favorite place to shop, I got a few Dermaglow products. Selected items have been on sale for 30% off, but these 2 weren't but there was a promo nonetheless.

- Glycolic 10% Gentle Peel Solution (150ml) with bonus Glycolic Smoothing Moisturizer (5ml), CAD50. I grabbed it on the day the brand rep was at the store to give out $10 off coupons.

- Lash Enhance Growth & Conditioning Treatment (5.5ml) bonus pack, CAD65. I wouldn't pay full price for a single product, but as it was 2-in-1, I didn't feel too bad.

I was given some samples too: Glycolic Smoothing Moisturizer (5ml), Perfecting Treatment (10ml), Anti-aging Tinted Moisturizer (5ml) and Advanced Moisturizing Cream (5ml). Can't wait to try everything out.

In case you haven't heard, there are certain Physician's Formula items with full rebate stickers on the packaging, which means you get to try them for free.

I certainly wouldn't pass up the opportunity.
- Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in Ultra Black, CAD12.99

- Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara in Ultra Black Organics, CAD12.99.

This is a mail-in rebate offer, so you do have to do a bit of work to get your money back. No rush to get them though right away though, cause they give you quite a few months to buy the products and mail in the forms. Just don't forget to do it when you do get the products, lol.

Other random stuff I wanted to try:
- Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-circle Roller in Sheer Tint, on sale for CAD13.99. There seems to be a Light shade as well, but I can't tell which one is darker.

- L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara in Black Quartz (for brown eyes), on sale for CAD9.79. This mascara came in 4 different colour of the illuminator end.

I gave in for the hypes, you see? I heard good things about both of these products, was glad to get them while they were on sale.
Now we're getting to the really exciting part. In the last few weeks, I have been running around trying to find the gems you see in the picture below. Only selected (not all) Shoppers receive the display, and it is LE, so these products become HTFs (hard to find's), at least where I am.

From top to bottom:
- Annabelle Lip marker/ Lip stain in Tangofolie, reg. CAD9.49
- Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow pencils in Grapefull, BluBomb, Absinthe-Minded, Melonade and MokaMirage, reg. CAD8.99 each.

I was really really excited to find the display at the last Shoppers I checked, and grabbed all 5 shades of the pencils. Annabelle is 25% off this week, and I used $1 coupons attached to the display, I got myself a bargain.

I will sure wear the hell out of these, to make it worth the hunt . Review coming soon.

On to Superstore. My store has recently introduced the "Beauty Saving Board". It's the "Coupon zone" specifically for cosmetics and is placed near the cosmetics section, not near the store entrance.

A great coupon to start is BOGO on Joe Fresh lip products (cream/ matte lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses, lip glasses, lip balms and lip crayons), good until Friday, April 8.

I jumped on the offer, obviously. From top to bottom:
- Joe Fresh Sheer Lip crayons in Candy and Apple
- Joe Fresh Lip stains in Watermelon and Grapefruit.

These are regularly CAD6 each. Quite a saving with BOGO eh?

Other coupons found on the board: $2 off Cover Girl, Revlon/ Almay, Maybelline, L'Oreal cosmetics and Sally Hansen nail polish/ nail treatment/ nail tools, with the same expiry date - April 8.

Watch the flyer (or my Weekly flyer deals posts) for sale info on products you want to get, and take advantage of the coupons at the same time. Win!

Quite a long post, phewww. If you stay until the end, kudos. Do tell if you take advantage of any of these good deals, or if you find any great new products in stores lately. I'm all ears.


  1. You got the Joe Fresh lip products for such a great deal! I love the stains but how are the lip crayons? I'm obsessed with crayon-y/pencil products lately.

  2. I've just recently taken to snagging manufacturer's coupons when I find them on displays. Especially when I know I can find them cheaper somewhere else XD.

  3. Wow, free product? Thats awesome...will definitely be checking out my shoppers.
    If you haven't already, please check out my new 'Dare to Wear for Charity' post. $10/person who does a makeup look will go to the people of Japan:


  4. Nice haul!!! And great deals too! Impressive!!! I need to shop with you sometime!

  5. hmm there is a sheer tint and a light, I am not sure which one I got, but either way it's a touch too dark to use as a concealer under the eyes, I use it anyway though, as a base for other concealers.

  6. Nice Haul!! I also bought the Garnier Eye roller today, but I didn't get it for as cheap as you :( (around $17) at Shoppers.

  7. Ashley, I just heard from a blogger that the lip crayons don't have good staying power. I might try one to see, but prob exchange the other for a lipstick or something.

    Love B, it is a good strategy. It's always helpful to stock up on coupons and wait for a good time to use them :)

    Alicia, yes take advantage of the rebate offers :) Thanks for letting me know about the Dare to Wear

    Tracy, let's go :)

    Justine, layering concealers would work, but I'm always in a rush in the morning

    Deborah, Garnier is on sale at Shoppers quite often. If not, Walmart would have better price.

  8. so cute!!
    i absolutely in love with you blog!

  9. Silvia, thanks so much. Hope you stick around :)

  10. I got this in my bag of flyers as well!! I'm excited, pay day is on the first, and I'm off too Superstore for my last big shopping spree before I start my project 10 pan!

  11. Yep, good time to take advantage of the good deals at Superstore :)