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NOTD: Joe Fresh Mallard

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I'm not gonna even try to hide my excitement and pretend to be calm here. Let me just write up this post to tell you about a great nail polish I found a few days ago. The fact that it pushes other posts down in the queue explains it.

This beauty is Joe Fresh Mallard, from the Spring 2 group that Joe Fresh releases this spring.

There are supposed to be 3 Spring groups of nail polish to be released a month apart from each other. I told you about
Joe Fresh Twilight, another beauty from Spring 1, a few weeks ago. I was really excited to find Spring 2 in store on Tuesday and came home with a few, including Mallard.

As always, I'll show you how it looks with flash first, as I do my nails at night and take pics right after. It looks a bit more blue here.

Mallard is a cream, which is something we couldn't tell by looking at the colour dots on Joe Fresh website (we were hoping it is another flakie). However, it is quite a unique green that I didn't think twice to bring it home with me. What do you call this colour? Peacock green? Hunter green?

Anyway, I put Mallard on right away Tuesday night, and I almost panicked. It.... it... it wasn't just a cream. It is something more fantastic than that.

This shot is without flash, true to real colour. Don't you love it already?

It went on quite sheer the first coat, so I put on another coat. After a few seconds, it went all glossy and shone really strong under my crappy light. So it is a jelly, still I never saw a jelly polish shining like this.

If you own a few bottles from the OPI Texas collection, you would have heard about a finish that they called "sorbet" - a cross between jelly and cream, a bit sheer, glossy, etc. Mallard seems to fit this description.

This was taken near the window with a bit of weak sunlight shone on my nails. At the time I could take pics, the sun was gone. Just take my words for it, this polish shines.

Some of you might ask why I am excited about a jelly nail polish. First, it's a pretty green with great application (like most Joe Fresh nail polish). Then it took me by surprise that it is a jelly nail polish that shines. I knew I wanted it when I saw the colour dot, but didn't expect to like it this much. I did some work last night that chipped a few nails, and I liked it enough to repaint my nails with it, so I can look at it again today, lol.

In short, if you can only get a polish or two from Joe Fresh this spring, make it Mallard (and Twilight) lol. Well, until I explore more into the spring bunch and find more great ones, that is. Have a great one!


  1. it IS pretty. maybe I will try and see if my store has it, when I go in for the lippies :)

  2. I like this one! Nice shade! :) and so jealous of your nails. Mine are in bad shape (breaking, short and peeling) right now. :(

    Thanks for the pics! :)

  3. Keep exploring more! this is awesome on you. I love when new collections surprise you.

  4. Nice shade, and I like the look of the Joe bottles :).

  5. I love the Joe nailpolish! The 3 reds I got are great, only need one coat!

  6. So pretty!!! My Superstore sucks big time-none of these new things are there!!

  7. Rasilla, they should be slowing coming in stores. Good luck :)

    Mel, I found that if I constantly wear something on my nails, they are less peeling. Then, it's hand cream and cuticle oil that help me

    Chris, thank you. Yep, I love surprises

    Deborah, some people didn't like the round cap, harder to hold, but I don't mind

    Andy, oh yeah they are great

    Tracy, they should be in soon, keep looking :)

  8. Fabulous colour!! My only problem with the Joe nailpolishes are that they chip way too easy even with a base and top coat. You can't beat the price though!

  9. Oh my, these new shades of Joe Fresh are killing me over here--I have so many lovelies in my stores but still want these. :)

  10. Saskmom, I found the ones I tried lasted about 2 days. I would change the colour by then anyway.

    Karen, I'm liking the spring shades. Don't blame you :)

  11. I bought Twilight thanks to you. Now I have to go hunt down Mallard. Luckily it's only $4!

  12. Michelle, I'm happy to enable you lol Get 3 at a time to save some $ :)