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NOTD: Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Welcome to the Cult! Lol, sounds serious?

This is the very first creation of Maria over at Cult Nails. She's a blogger with a dream came true - creating her own nail polish line on her own, with fabulous colours and long wear that you can hardly believe.

Here you are: Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid. A dusty/ greyish lilac that stole my heart the moment I saw it. It is subtle enough for work but has very pretty shimmer that moves it far away from "boring".

I follow Maria's story about creating this colour and I know how much work had been put into it. Totally understand the $10 price tag on it too. It's very rare that I would pay this much for a nail polish, I have to admit, so I was gonna put it on my wish list (maybe for my birthday, or Christmas) together with the other 2 colours that she created a little after MKoKA.

One day, Maria announced that there was a fourth colour with this first collection, and she would offer it free for the first 50 people that get the first 3 (plus the current customers who already ordered the 3). And that just got me right there and then, and here we are :)

Isn't it a perfect and pretty colour? I couldn't get over it. One of the easiest application I have ever had with this one. 2 coats, and I was done with smooth and shiny colour on my nails. Take my words that the shimmer is there even if my camera can't show it.

If you haven't seen enough of this colour on nail blogs, now you do on mine lol.

And the proof of long wear: this is the end of day 4! Click to enlarge the pic and see for yourself. By this time, I already added some glitters on my ring finger, for a refresh touch. But all I had was tiniest tip wear on my ring and index fingers. No chips at all.

I have heard a few bloggers wore MKoKA for a week with the same pristine condition. Sold!

I received the other 3 colours last night and they are so pretty, all of them. I was very happy to pay the price for them, and can't wait to see more colours that Maria comes up with.

See all 4 magic colours on the site. The polish are B3 Free and cruelty free, if anybody concerns, shipped in recycled packaging and stuffed with cotton balls instead of packing materials. Bonus points!

It seems to be sunny today, and I'm taking Squirt to see Mega Mind with the Toonie matinee going on during this Spring break of hers. Have a good day!


  1. wow! nearly a week?! I mean 4 days with AA polish, but a week is something I've never done w any polish. That is pretty insane!

    Cotton balls..interesting, kind of expensive really, maybe they could just shred old papers XD

  2. That is such a gorgeous colour and I love the fact that she is a blogger whose dream of having her own nail polish line came true. I am off to check out her polishes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rasilla, yep, the wear is awesome :) Cotton balls are prob cheap if you buy in bulk

    Alicia, I know right? Hope you like what you see on their site

  4. Thanks for the post - so glad you love it! It is so interesting to see which bloggers have bought it and how everyone feels.

    Rasilla - we do use old newspapers from family & friends along with cotton balls and they are really quite cheap buying in bulk. But yeah it could be totally free if I just recycled newspapers - but this makes it more fun! :) Did Juan put you up to saying that? HA!

  5. So pretty, this is definitely my type of shade for nail polish. I could see myself rocking this shade for Spring!

  6. Maria, thanks for stopping by :) So Juan wasn't in agreement with you about packing materials? lol

    Ashley, absolutely, awesome for Spring!

  7. Hi Halifax,

    Its so pretty...loved the sparkle..

    Me too love stuff with bling..

    I like your blog's layout..simple yet beautiful..


  8. Dipti, thanks so much. You come to the right blog, as I love sparkles too lol

  9. yw hun....would love to see more of them...have you checked Milani Jewel Lacquer in Gold and Silver...I loved it...its not really sparkle but a lacquer with lot of bling..

    Do check the same


  10. I have all 4 current shades from Cult Nails, so swatches to come :) I only have Gems from that Milani collection, they aren't even available here

  11. wow...waiting for you next post..

  12. make me dream and feel the lavander :)

  13. Yes, it is a perfect lavender colour, isn't it?