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The Body Shop haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I had The Body Shop groupon burning a hole in my purse (I know, I hauled like crazy on Boxing Day and forgot to use it), so when they had the LYB 20% off event a week or two ago, I went to check out the sale.

Didn't find much stuff on sale, and there was no sign of the Brush rolls (valued CAD90, on sale for CAD15) in store :(

Saw these huge Shower gel bottles (750ml, with pumps), CAD15 each, I thought it was a good deal. If you can't tell the scents from the bottles, I got Satsuma, Moringa, Olive (shower gel) and Coconut (shower cream). Only paid for 3 bottles as I got one for free - the free gift at 4 points (valued $15).

The girl told me these were normally CAD35 a bottle, but later I went on TBS website and they were priced at CAD15 (no discounted price or anything). Now I'm confused. Anybody knows if CAD15 is the regular or sale price? But either way, it's not a bad price for big bottles like that.

Found some holiday items, heavily discounted:
- Jolly Orange and Spiced Vanilla Body scrub (200ml), CAD8 each
- Cranberry Joy Body butter (50ml), CAD4. Wish they had more scents in this mini size, cause I kinda need some for travel.

Free gift: Love Etc. solid perfume (reg. CAD10) and Green & Black 70% Dark chocolate. Again, love the solid perfume for travel, as I don't have to worry about liquid rule and stuff.

With 20% off and the groupon, I paid less than CAD20 after tax. I didnt' do too badly :)

There are some sales running right now: Buy 3 get 2 free or buy 2 get 1 free skin care, CAD18 skin care kits (reg. CAD25 - CAD35), and Hemp Hand Protector CAD10 (reg. CAD18.50). The sale I like the most is the CAD28 Body Care solution: 1 Body butter, 1 Scrub and 1 Shower gel (250ml) - advertised on the site and in their emails but I didn't see signs in store last weekend, so please check if your store runs this promo.

A quick note to you guys: I haven't heard much from you lately, don't know if my posts are no longer helpful/ interesting. It is discouraging thinking I have about 500 of you and almost none feels like leaving me comments, especially with posts that I was really excited about. Is there a disconnection somewhere? Let me know, please!


  1. I blame my lack of commenting on laziness and lack of interest with certain posts.
    I'm not super into NOTD so it's very rare that I comment on those posts. I do love your reviews and Claire's hauls so I do try to comment on those. Mostly, I find commenting on my iPhone troublesome so I rarely comment on loads of blogs now. I do read blogs on the computer but my phone has made it so easy to read on the go! Don't worry, I bet most of your readers are just lazy but we are here!

  2. Looks like you got lots and lots of good stuff! Now you have a killer body wash stash :)

    I haven't gone into The Body Shop in ages. I do make a bunch of Satsuma stuff at Dot & Lil though. I looooove that scent, seems I never get sick of it! Made @LittleAnimation a custom Satsuma perfume as her birthday request and whipped one up for myself at the same time (wouldn't you lol?) ***love!**

  3. I leave comments whenever I can! :)

    I bought the coconut shower cream (in the giant bottle) and love the smell but that stuff is hard to pump, I have to take the pump and pour the stuff on my loofah.

  4. Ashley, thank you for letting me know your interest, and the reassurance. I need that.

    Dot and Lil, thanks.

    Justine, oh no it sucks if the pump doesn't work properly. It's a huge bottle to put up with lol