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Happy belated V-Day

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I'm back! If feels like forever since I updated the blog. I was stuck at home since Sunday as Squirt was sick and I wasn't feeling that great either. Last night she was a bit better, so I went putting on makeup so we can go out to dinner, but then she didn't want to leave, felt a bit dizzy still.

So there I was cooking a storm in the kitchen with full makeup on, lol. At least I looked good doing chores, right?

How was your "Single Awareness Day"? Me and the bf took the day harder than I imagined, this is the first V-Day we have been away from each other. It's certainly nice if you can celebrate it with someone special. I know there's certainly nothing wrong with being in love with yourself and your life and I kept telling myself that to survive V-Day talks everywhere I looked.
I found these 2 pics from, thought they were appropriate for the occasion.

As my V-Day sucked, I guess I'll be talking about cats instead, lol. But feel free to fill me in what you did yesterday, the fun you had with your Valentine(s) whoever that is, or what you treated yourself with, etc. I did 3 little hauls online last week, 2 had come and the other one was sent to the bf's address, so I can post them up if you want to see.

Alright, back to the cats. Do you think they are siblings? Or can they be so close to each other after living together for a while? I posted here before a pic of my cats when they were younger (taken by the previous owner), but here it is again, to make my point.

Reece is on the left and Oreo on the right. They sure drive each other nuts but are very sweet to each other at the same time, being brothers. Reece loves sleeping up high on the cat tower near the balcony door, and Oreo likes to sleep in random boxes or on top of a pile of clothes. And during the day. At night they roam the apartment lol.

I don't know why but to me, they aren't very cuddly. They might stop by for a head scratch or something but don't stay and hang out with me. They do keep me company with their presence but from a distance. Guess they weren't interested being my Valentines lol.

With Squirt being sick, I missed The Bay coupon and Shoppers redemption. Oh well, maybe that'd do good to my wallet. Hope your week is going well. I can only hope the same for mine :)


  1. Aw the cats are so cute! They look so cuddly! I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, I get really annoyed when I see my favourite eating places jack up their prices so I boycott this day. Anyway my bf and I are a little too busy studying for exams....

  2. Cheryl, you got a point there lol I prefer celebrating before or after the day :) Good luck with the exams