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China Glaze Treasure collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I just came back from Sally looking for some new China Glaze shades, thought I should post up a few updates for you regarding China Glaze collections that would (or would not) be available at Sally.

Fist off, Sally won't be selling China Glaze Anchors Away collection. So if you plan to get Below Deck or any other shades from this collection, don't wait for Sally.

To fill Anchors Away's place, Sally asked China Glaze to bring back a few shades from the vault and call it Treasures collection. My Sally only had 4 of the supposedly 6 shades on display and they are:
- Pom Pom - part of the Glitters and Chromes (Specialty) collection back in Fall 2009
- Silver Lining - also from the Specialty collection
- Dorothy Who? - you all know this shade from Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, and
- Blue Paradise - from the Bahama Blues collection for Winter 2008.

I got Pom Pom and already had Dorothy Who?, so here they are if you are wondering what they look like. EDIT to add: The missing 2 colours are Ruby Pumps and Atlantis, (thank you my lovely reader) so I updated the pic.

There are coupons for $1 off for any shade from this collection this month, so if you missed any of these shades back when they were first released, check them out now.

Also, I found some best sellers from China Glaze now being part of the permanent display at Sally. I can only remember a few:
- Strawberry Field, Watermelon Rind and Grape Juice (Summer Days collection)
- Refreshed Mint and Lemon Fizz (Up & Away collection)
- Dorothy Who? and Ruby Pumps (Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection).

There might be more to it, but my brain can only remember that much, sorry :)

Lastly, the staff at my Sally said the new collection(s) from China Glaze (I'm talking Tronica or Crackle Glaze) won't be available until at least March. Well, your store might have them earlier, but just so you know a time line. I'm kinda getting tired of having to call them up every week hoping they have new stuff. However, because Tronica is an exclusive collection and won't be available to etailers to purchase, we will have to fork out CAD5.49 a bottle at Sally if you want to get any. Is it too much to hope for some kind of promotion in March for China Glaze? Lol.


  1. chatters has the Anchor's Away collection, and will be getting crackle in about two-ish weeks? I went into mine this week!

  2. do you know why Sally's isn't carrying the Anchors Away collection?

  3. Elizabeth, I was kinda counting on Sally cause at least I can get Beauty Club price. Chatters would charge me an arm and a leg for a bottle :(

    Danielle, there was no explanation provided by either Sally or China Glaze. They just said Sally went with Treasures instead

  4. Man, Sally is dumb.
    They'd make way more money with the Ahoy Collection than they would with this Treasure thing.

  5. @halifax, really? My chatters has the China Glaze for the same price Sally's yours different?

  6. ChaosButterfly, I'm not sure why they decided not to get Anchors Away but yeah it doesn't sound like a good move

    Elizabeth, last time I was in Chatters, I remember China Glaze was expensive. I might be wrong but I rarely go there anymore

  7. Bummer they're not getting Anchors Away...I don't know anywhere else to purchase China Glaze. The two colours you're missing from the Treasures are Atlantis and Ruby Pumps :)

  8. Yeah, I had to order online and ship them to my bf's in the US. I won't get to see them for a while. A few people order from 8ty8 or Transdesign, I think. And thanks for letting me know about the other 2 shades, will update the pic soon.

  9. I order online... got my CG Crackles like 10 days ago, and had my Anchors Away at least a month ago. That is the way to go. I don't mine paying shipping bc their prices are cheap and they ship fast and no running around trying to find them at Sallys which is always sold out!

  10. Yep, online order is fast, just that Canadian shipping isn't always accomodating :)