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Annabelle Smudgeliner swatches

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I probably don't mention this enough on the blog, but I have a passionate love with Annabelle Smudgeliners. They are creamy, very long lasting, come in a wide range of colours (12 permanent and more LEs), retails around CAD8.95 each. And they are Canadian. What not to love?

This is just a few of my favorite colours, representing the Smudgeliners that I am going to swatch for you :)
These pencils are called Smudgeliners because they have a little nifty built-in smudger tip on the other end to smudge out your liner for a smoky look. I personally use it to smudge the liner on my lower lash line for a toned down look for work, as a sharp line underneath the eyes might be a little bit much sometimes. This picture on Annabelle website shows the smudger the best.

Just to clarify, I only owned a few of these myself before Annabelle provided me with the whole set, as I always talked about them. However, this fact doesn't not influence my opinion about them.

Let's get to the swatches, shall we?

The first group, from L-R: Oh My Goth, Cyber Jungle, Armour, Rich Chocolate, Purple Storm, Wired and Vortex Violet.

- Oh My Goth is a perfect matte black
- Cyber Jungle and Armour have pretty sheen/ shimmer (not glitter)
- Rich Chocolate is a great matte darken brown
- Purple Storm is a plum, a bit more sheer than others
- Wired is the most beautiful bronze with fine gold glitters
- Vortex Violet is a violet (duh), with a sheerest finish among them all.

For each group, I'll show you the swatches in natural lighting, with the colour on the packaging, as a comparison. And the second pic would be swatches with flash.

Also, my favorites in each group would be the ones marked in bold :) I am so much in love with them all though, even the sheer shades, as I use them for the lower lash line as an added boost for the colours on the lids.

Second group: Electric Sapphire, Wahine Blue, Atomic Surf, Sea Green and Limette.

- Electric Sapphire is a matte navy blue, not as intense as the 2 matte ones in the first group
- Wahine Blue is an ocean blue with a hint of silver fine glitters, only noticeable in direct sunlight
- Atomic Surf is an aqua, similar shimmer sheen as Cyber Jungle and Armour, almost metallic
- Sea Green is an awesome green, I have nothing like it
- Limette probably works better on non yellow-toned skin, due to the nature of the colour, but I have nothing bad to say about its opacity or finish.

And they are again, with flash. My camera doesn't work well with natural lighting :(

All the above 12 colours are permanent, so you can find them from any Annabelle display at Shoppers, Walmart, Lawtons, etc. Hope these swatches help you choose a few to try out, if you haven't had a chance to.

I also have some discontinued/ LE shades that I love and want to share with you. I got them from warehouse sales, so I thought swatches might be helpful if you have a chance to go to one in the future.

Here are Smoky Blue, Envy, Extra Celestial, Green Tease, Honey and Foxy Grey.

- Smoky Blue is the only matte shade in this group, and a beautiful and oqaque one at that. I use it very often as a colourful alternative to Oh My Goth when I don't want a black liner.
- Envy is a moss green with a light sheen, not exactly shimmer
Extra Celestial is quite sheer but the shimmer in it stands out quite a bit
- Green Tease is actually a gold (not green), pretty nonetheless
- Honey is an old gold, would look good on pretty much every skin tone
- Foxy Grey is the greatest metallic white-ish grey I have come across, very intense. I use it for the inner corner for the brightening effect. I know NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk serves the same purpose but it doesn't have the metallic sheen to it.

As you can see I have quite a few favorites from this group and am very sad that they are not part of the permanent line. I'm very lucky to have them in my stash and promise to love them till the end :)

One more thing before we are done. It is recommended to sharpen the Smudgeliners (and other kinds of Annabelle pencil liners) with an Annabelle sharpener (CAD3.25). It is designed to work perfectly on the pencils and has a cleaning stick (well hidden at the bottom) to help with residue cleanup. Mine is very well use and therefore is not in a good condition to show up on this post :) I love my Smudgeliners so much, and I wanted to treat them the best I can, so I only use this sharpener on them.

Hope this is helpful. Stay tuned for Annabelle Smoothliner swatches coming up soon. Have a great day, everyone (whether you are snowed in or not, lol). And happy Rabbit/ Cat New Year to those who celebrate! Have a drink or two for me, will ya?


  1. I have a few of these colours and really like the. I need to get my hands on that icy silver colour (the last one in the last picture).

  2. i actually did not know they were Canadian, thats awesome. I think the colours look really nice. I've been looking for colour liners, especially silver. I'm definately going to try and get it!
    thanks for the swatches!

    btw i like your blog and im your new "canadian" follower ^-^

  3. FunnyFaceBeauty, I'm not sure you can still find Foxy Grey as it was with the Hype collection (LE) but yes it is pretty

    Beauty Style Addict, yes it is a Canadian gem. Check out their liners in stores next time. And thanks for the follow :)

  4. The colors are gorgeous but I'm not a fan of the rubber applicator, it just tugs my lids )=

  5. Gaby, it's interesting as I didn't find the smudgers bother me at all. But if it did for you, just don't use it, or opt for the Smoothliners which I wills watch next :)