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NOTD: Revlon Not So Blue-berry revisited

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's Tuesday, 2 days before I go visit the bf at his parents', and my "travel anxiety syndrome" is up. I love going places, but always get unsettled right when I have to start packing. Needless to day, I curled up on the couch last night reading the Vampire Huntress series instead (and didn't pack, of course).

Don't know how many of you read my blog way back when I posted about Revlon Not So Blue-berry (July last year), but it has always been my favorite from the first batch of Revlon Fruitful Temptations scented nail polishes.

This is a revisit, as I wanted something not too blue, not too purple, and Not So Blue-berry fit the bill perfectly. The scent is an added bonus, as it is very mild but makes the polish a little more exciting.

So here it is again, with Color Club Si Vous Please! on top.

I have been putting Si Vous Please! on top of everything, to "winterize" the colour a bit. It's a sheer base with white and silver fine glitters, which I thought is appropriate for the season.

Besides duochromes, I am now fascinated by sheer colour/ top coats like this. I love to see how a colour changes in front of my eyes. That explains why I keep buying nail polish, right? Or is that just an excuse, lol.

A little note: I don't know how often I will be posting while I'm away. Did think about bringing my laptop but I might be slacking a bit. I will post up the huge haul of stuff the bf is bringing me from the States, if you are interested. Hit me up on twitter for sure, as I always check there first when I'm around a computer.

Also, the TBB (Toronto Beauty Bloggers) is doing a New Year meet up which I will be able to go (finally), hope to see lots of bloggers there. And I gotta hit up the restaurants (All you can Eat sushi and all), as I'm desperate for good food. What is your holiday plan? Travel or stay in for some relaxing comfort?


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