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Boxing Day haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yep, I braved the crazy mall today for Boxing Day sale. We didn't make it inside the mall (parking was such a pain) until almost noon, I didn't have time to haul clothing except for 2 items at GAP (they had 40% off before noon). This post is picture heavy, just to warn you ahead.

The Body Shop wasn't a planned stop but turned out to be great.

They had up to 60% off on gift sets and selected items. This Love Etc. set was originally CAD68 (valued $85), on sale for CAD30 before the Love Your Body 10% discount. Great deal, considering it comes with 4 full sized items:
- Body wash (200ml)
- EDP (50ml)
- Body butter (200ml), and
- Body lotion (200ml).

The individual products from the set were not on sale, so buying them in a set at a sale price makes perfect sense :)

The Body Shop also ran the promo with the Joy to the World bag: Buy the bag for $5 ($2 goes to charity) and get 30% off items that fit in it - excludes gift sets.

Now this would not make as good of a deal as the 50% discount with the bag before Christmas IF selected items weren't already discounted. Let me break it down for you.

The 3 Body butters (full sized) in the pics were on sale today for CAD10 each, and the Spa Wisdom Body balm was only CAD5 (all were full prized before Christmas). With the extra 30% with the bag and LYB discount, you do the math :)

And even more fabulous, selected makeup items were 3 for CAD10 (same idea, before 30% off and 10% LYB). I was so excited to find the Cheek and Face powder there, as it was CAD21 regularly and sold out in my store back in Halifax.

Also found the Cheek Blush stamp, a very hard to find item. I grabbed the Body & Leg Shine (reg. CAD18.50) to try out too, heard good things about it.

All 3 for a bit over $6, this is the "3 for CAD10" sale at its best lol. The $5 spent for the bag was well worth it.

This bunch was the result of a quick stop at Icing. They sometimes had "5 for CAD10" sale which included some nail polish. These 5 shades, however, were 5 for $5, same sale price point with Claire's. I wouldn't complain :)

From L-R: Golden Child, Manic Monday, Grape A Licious, Putty Concrete and Lady Lucky (matte).

I didn't find anything at Claire's, but found that both stores have 75% off holiday items. If you are looking for some cheap buys, check them out.

And next stop: Bath & Body Works. I wanted to get some 3-wick candles for the apartment but the scents I wanted were either sold out or weren't offered. Selected candles were 2 for CAD20 or 50% off (reg. CAD21.50), mostly fall scents.

I went for Wallflowers - a single bulb of Mint Chocolate (CAD4), a 2-pack of Winter Garland (CAD8) and the Chrome Green Tree plug (CAD4). There was a wide range of holiday scents for wallflowers to choose from, better than the candles obviously.

A few more small items:
-Shea-infused double-layered lounge socks, CAD3. Very soft, love them!
- Selected Pocket Bacs 5 for CAD5 - I got Apple Mint and Cocoa Mint (from the Reindeer line) and Lemon Glaze (from the Cupcakes line)
- 2 free Signature Collection travel sized items (with coupon, 1 per purchase - I went to 2 stores as I couldn't find the Pocket Bacs I wanted at the first one) - Black Amethyst Fragrance mist and Japanese Cherry Blossom Body lotion (88ml each). These would come in handy for sure.

Walmart was certainly a mad house. I headed to the seasonal shelves for the 50% off sale.

Did find a few bath sets that would make good gifts when I go home, so no pics of them. But what I can show you is this fabulous Burt's Bee Radiance Bath set with 2 full sized items:

- Radiance Body lotion with Royal Jelly (175ml)
- Radiance Body wash with Royal Jelly and Jojoba Beads (350ml).

Less than CAD10 after the discount, like I got the Body lotion (reg. CAD14.99) for free, and this lotion was the main reason I got the set. So happy!

And you might not expect this, but I went to Superstore too. Walmart wasn't the only place that put 50% discount on holiday gift sets.

These Joe Fresh Large Bath sets were CAD20 originally, I always wanted to try them out when I saw them in store. Certainly a set is a great way to do that, especially when they are on sale.

I found Marine (blue) and Grapefruit (pink), but Joe Fresh Bath comes in 4 other scents: Lime (green), Nectarine (orange), Lemon (yellow) and Pomegranate (red).

Each set includes 5 full sized items (Body wash, Body balm, Body polish, Body spray, Hand soap) and a scrubbie. I'm sold.

More gift set :) This is from Olay, comes with:

- Olay Deep Cleansing Face wash (207ml)
- Olay Quench Body lotion (350ml)
- Olay Classic Moisturizing lotion (177ml)
with bonus Olay Replenishing Night creme (60ml) and a puff.

Nothing special here, except it was half price :) I tried to look for other combos but the shelf was already picked over - a popular scene on Boxing Day. But wait until I get to the good part of the haul, lol.

Joe Fresh lip gloss and nail polish :) These are holiday sets, so of course they were on sale too.

The Fresh Glass set of 5 minis was CAD10 originally. Available in 3 colour combos, but the other 2 had a clear colour which I don't know what to do with, so I picked this set (Warm toned)

And remember the nail polish trios I mentioned before? Now is a great time to get them :)

Set on the left is red toned, with Wine, Sweet Tart and Cherry from L-R. Set on the right has Midas, Imperial and Dupioni. If you need more reasons to go get these, check out the bottle comparison with some of these shades on Enamored Enamel.

Other notable sales that I saw:
- La Senza "10 for CAD30" undies and 50% off selected bras
- Lush: BOGO on holiday items/ sets and selected soaps (not Buy 1 get 2 free as last year)
- Fruit & Passion: 40% off the whole store, including gift sets
- Sephora: selected items were on sale, not that great though.

The bf found some good deals on video games and GAP clothing items, so we both left the mall happy. Tired though :) We promised Squirt to Build-A-Bear, so another update might be up tomorrow. Have a good one!



    lol totally jealous on that one, but way to go on all the great deals XD

    seriously you are queen of bargins XD

  2. awesome haul! how much were the joe polish kits?

  3. I didn't haul much in terms of beauty this year. But I was up at 5 to go to futureshop. Got a freezer for my mom. And then a whole lot of small stuff from Michael's and Walmart. I also hit a La Senza outlet and they had bras for $5.99 and 9.99 with additional 30% off. I also had a coupon so I saved an additional $10 off my purchase. Overall, good day. It was my first boxing day not working in 5 years.

  4. awesome haul. i didn't dare to go to the mall today.

  5. Awesome Haul! THe claires here in Ontario doesn't carry Icing Nail polishes and I want them too!

  6. Rasilla, I picked up extras for you, so no worries :) I'm royal now eh? Lol

    Danielle, the polish trio was $10, now 50% off

    Tanisa, thanks :)

    Perry, I wanted to go to La Senza outlet one day, heard about it before, not living near one. And they didn't let me use any coupon with the 30% off. Way to go for Futureshop at 5 :) I wanted to get a new melmer at Michael's too, but it's kinda silly hauling it all the way back to Halifax lol

    Lelo, it wasn't too too bad where I am. TO must be crazy though

    BoldNBeautiful Makeup, Icing is in a separate store from Claire's, but they are quite similar (from the same company). The mall I went to had both stores :)

  7. amazing haul! seeing your sally haul leaves me very upset! i was in there yesterday but they didn't say anything about an additional 50% off of their sale stuff! half of the polishes you purchased (cosmix, vintage vixen) were not even tagged and put on the sale rack! I will have to check out another location, hopefully it's not too late!

  8. That's odd that they didn't have the sale where you went. Or maybe they were slow on putting red tags on them, or they decided not to have a sale. Good luck with other location