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Winners haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I always stop in for a quick look whenever I'm near a Winners. Sometimes I found some cool stuff for a blog post, sometimes walked out empty handed. My latest trip was a productive one :)

First, elf lip gloss sets. There aren't new at all to Winners' racks, but I found them at clearance. The Hypershine Gloss set was on the top, and the Super Glossy Lip Shine Berry Yummy set was on the bottom, CAD4 each (reg. CAD8.99).

This might sound like regular price to those of you who are in the US, but to us Canadians, Elf doesn't mean $1 a piece lol. Elf did come to Zellers around here, but cost about twice as much what Target offers. Winners has better price but doesn't carry everything elf. We normally opt for online shopping when there is a promo code, but then are hit with shipping. Can't win either way.

As you probably know already, Winners normally has fixed price range for same line of products within a brand. So quite a number of elf brushes (regular line, studio lines and mineral line - the latest) are priced the same or $1-2 different max. For that reason, it would make more sense buying more expensive items at Winners, to get your money worth. Just my 2 cents.

A year or two ago, I was hauling Elizabeth Arden, the Intervene line, like crazy during their BOGO sale, especially when the staff said the company would no longer offer that kind of promo from then on.

Look what I found: a set of Elizabeth Arden Intervene for CAD24.99, with:
- Timefighting Radiance serum (4.5ml)
- Radiance Boosting Moisture cream SPF15 (50ml)
- Anti-Fatigue Eye cream (7ml)
- 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser Exfoliator Primer (30ml).

The Moisture cream is full size, retails CAD68 already, so this set is well worth it. I'm glad I found it. There was another Intervene set with different product combo too, if you are looking.

And last but not least, Elizabeth Grant! Yay, a Canadian brand at Winners. I noticed more local (Canadian) brands there now - Annabelle, Marcelle, and now EG. It is a happy place to be :)

Anyway, I was really excited to see EG products, and knowing Winners' price scheme, I grabbed 3 items, and came home to check on the reg. prices. Here're the deals:
- 24 Hour Eye Smoothing cream - Torricelumn Plus Exclusive (20ml), CAD7.99 (reg. CAD40)
- Collagen Firming Eye Pads - Torricelumn Intensive (6x5gr), CAD7.99 (reg. CAD35)
- Collagen Miracle - Torricelumn Intenstive (30ml), CAD8.99. I can't find the exact product on their site. What they have now is the Collagen Re-Inforce Miracle Concentrate, retails CAD75.

So for the savings, I'm stoked. But I have only tried one product from this brand (review coming soon), can't say for sure I made good product choices. If you have tried any of these EG products before (or any EG products at all), please leave me a comment. For that price range, if there's any must-haves from this brand, I'd want to stock up.


  1. nice! Can you believe the Winners near me closed?! I know wth! There are still two in Kitchener-Waterloo though so I am alright,but I was so shocked that they closed my nearest one though.

  2. Great finds from Winners, reminds me that I must go there again. :)

  3. I don't think I have seen ELF products at my local Winners. You're lucky!

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  5. I love Winners!
    I can't wait to score some deals too. I want to try a lot of ELF products but I'll buy it online even if I have to pay for shipping. If I pay under $50, I won't get charged duty taxes (hopefully) and I get to buy 2x as much cause I'll mostly make an order when ELF is having the 50% off discount or better yet.. 75% off!!

  6. J, oh no how can they close on you? I'm lucky to have one right at my bus terminal. Hope the other 2 stores will serve you well

    Tanisa, be sure to update us with what you find :)

    Gaby, that'd odd, elf has been all over the Winners around here

    FunnyFaceBeauty, I'll check it out. Thanks for letting me know about it

    Ashley, haven't seen elf doing 75% for a while now, mostly 50% off but yeah, still better than what we pay here regularly.