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NOTD: Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Morning! :) Today's going to be a quick NOTD, as I haven't taken pics of a few things I got in the weekend for a haul post. That's coming soon, ok?

I remember how excited I was finding this gorgeous colour during my California trip: Sinful Colors Mint Apple.

It had been a hit for a while on nail blogs, and it was an LE shade (I think, not available at Lawtons), so I thought I wouldn't be able to find it anymore. But the CVS I went to did have a few left, and one came back to Canada with me :)

The colour does follow the "mint" trend in the nail polish world, but is not the mint you have seen so much with different brands. It's leaning toward turquoise, which makes it a little different, in my opinion.

And here is a close-up. Mint Apple has some pretty shimmer going on, I don't know whether you can see it very well in the pic.

I topped it up with Sinful Colors Green Ocean on the ring fingers, for accent nails. I think they go well together. The flakies in Green Ocean are larger and sparse in the base, so it's a bit hard to get them on the nails. I did 2 coats of it on top of Mint Apple.

The wear is reasonable, 2-3 days before the tip wear starts, which isn't bad. Sinful Colors are around $2 in the US, on sale quite often. They are $4 at Lawtons, with a BOGO sale, we're on par with the US, lol.

Oh, and here's a pic under my office light, no flash. An Ott light would probably show the colour most accurately but I don't own one. Fall/ Winter with no sun would suck for nail polish swatches, that's for sure.

It's mid week already, I can't wait for the weekend. I don't have IMATS to look forward to, but at least it is a break.

For my local readers, Halifax Shopping Centre will be having their 20% off Day on Saturday (selected stores, as always, which means MAC isn't part of it lol). And the Friday after that, Micmac Mall has Tax Free event. Guess they are looking for early holiday shoppers :) Have a good day, everyone!


  1. When I first read the name I was expecting a bright spring-y colour, but this somehow reminds me of winter! Lol.

    I love the bling on the ring finger too, I do that all the time ;)

  2. That green ocean polish is gorgeous.

  3. This is a gorgeous shade of blue/green :D

  4. Arezu, I wore this to work, any not-in-the-face colour would do it. I only go for seasonal colourss in the weekends, lol. Yay for bling on the ring fingers

    FunnyFaceBeauty and Tammy, thanks ladies

  5. Love the bling!!!

    You've Been Tagged!

  6. Jbrobeck, awww thanks for the tag hun. Hugs

  7. I'm so glad you finally got this one! I think it looks stunning on you and your skintone. And great idea about the accent nail. I might steal that one. lol. :)

  8. Hi G, I was glad too :) Thank you hun. Try out the accent idea for sure, I love it

  9. I do that a lot too, adding just an accent finger^^
    that way its not too overpowering, but still got a bit more fun in it~

  10. If we get together, let's do the accent fingers, to be sisters lol