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NOTD: NOX Citrus

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a crazy day today for me and Squirt, so let's look at some pretty nail polish, just to de-stress, shall we?

A while back, a blogger buddy of mine helped me get a hold of a pair of NOX Twilight polishes on sale. I had no idea we had them in Canada, so this was a gold opportunity. Thanks Perry :)

So this NOTD is NOX Citrus, with some added nail stickers for blings. Isn't she a beauty? She is a hot pink with a hint of coral and a beautiful gold sheen that I can't seem to capture with this good old camera.

That gold flash that I saw in so many swatches on blogs was the reason why I wanted to get Citrus at the first place, as I wasn't interested in the hot pink base colour by itself.

This is what it looks like during day time by my window. I normally paint my nails at night before I go to bed, hence lots of NOTD pics are taken at night. I try to sneak in no-flash pics when I can, but with the winter coming, lots of dark days, the chance is getting slim :(

I'm glad the flash didn't make too much of a difference in how the colour showed up in this case. It is a pretty colour and I wanted to show you that.

Do you own any NOX polishes? Was it because of the whole Twilight thing? It wasn't the case for me, cause I found lots of other vampire stories that I love more. But I do love the colour options, the bottle design, and the quality.

A close up shot to complete the post :) The only way I got the gold show up was with a direct flash straight on, which glared the bottle, not very pleasant for your eyes. I apologize.

Ok, on to a little update. I just booked tickets for Squirt and I spending some time with the bf at his parents' this Christmas. It's gonna be fun but a little stressful, as all holidays would be :)

I am tempting another Melmer, as I need more storage space for my nail polish. I have been hauling from blog sales and swaps/ CPs, it's crazy. Mind you I don't fill the drawers all up, as I leave space among brands, but I'm really cramping them right now.

Hope you all have a good weekend so far. Do share if you are doing something exciting, as I obviously don't :)


  1. i looove Citrus :)) and i love the mani :D

  2. I totally bought the colours just because they happened to be on sale and had cool packaging. But some of the colours turned out awesome.

  3. Katrina, thank you :)

    Perry, sale got us, didn't it? lol