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Avon Healthy Makeup lipstick review

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Morning everyone, it's Monday :) It wasn't easy to get out of bed this morning, was it?

Today I have a little review for you. It's Avon Healthy Makeup Lipstick.

I was quite curious about the whole Healthy Makeup line that Avon promoted a few weeks back. As they offer special introduction price for them, I couldn't resist and bought 2 items to try out.

The concept behind the line is quite neat. According to Avon, Healthy Makeup products are infused with skin-loving nutrients, vitamins A, E and B complex to diminish dryness and restore a rosy glow.
The lipstick formula is non-feathering. They come in the 3g tubes, retails CAD9.99 reg.

Here are what I got, and swatches (same order as the pic above):
- Left: Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Rose.
- Right: Healthy Makeup Lipstick SPF 15 in Apricot Burst.

The stick colours look a bit more intense than IRL, so the swatches are more accurate. Don't let the flash fool you, as the sticks do not have any shimmer in them.

The lip conditioner applies sheer which makes sense, as it is supposed to provide just a hint of colour. The lipstick has more pigmentation, obviously. They both are very creamy. It depends on what you need, so pick the right product to serve the purpose.
This pic is without flash. It shows the creamy texture of the lipstick better. See how sheer the lip conditioner is? It's almost unnoticeable on my lips (see below).

So the effect: I like them both, as they apply smoothly and keep my lips moisturized quite well.

However, I found the lipstick applies better by itself, without the lip conditioner or any kind of lip balm underneath. It would glide around a bit and shows up unevenly otherwise. Thanks to its moisturizing formula, you can get away with just the lipstick on your lips.

Here are lip swatches, same order as above - lip conditioner first, lipstick next.

I don't normally do lip swatching, as my lips aren't the best to show colours. They are naturally dark/ pigmented and most of the time, lipsticks show up totally different on my lips than on my hand. I figure if you have naturally pink lips, my swatches aren't helpful at all lol.

About the packaging, I'm not a big fan of the big round wide tube that these products come with. It's bulky to store in my little lipstick drawer. The light gold colour is catchy though, easy to tell from other black tubes.

In summary, I think the Healthy Makeup lip products are worth a try. I prefer the lipstick, as I think it kinda does the job of the lip conditioner already, plus the pigmentation. But get them when they are on sale (which is quite often with Avon), as I wouldn't want to pay full price for them.


  1. I like those shades! And Avon always has sales so Im sure they`ll be on sale soon:)

  2. you don't have any of their shadows right?
    apparently there is a recall on them :S
    but love the swatches!
    so pretty^^

  3. I'm enjoying your blog lots so when I was told I had to pass on a blog award, of course I thought of you!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. Great post! I recently did a review for Milani! Check it out!

  5. Apricot Burst is really pretty on you (though the name doesn't really match the shade!)

  6. M, Avon does have some good stuff eh?

    Rasilla, good thing you told me. I had no idea, just went and googled it. Geez

    Lisamarie and Crhistelle, thanks so much ladies. I'm honoured.

    Kimmie, thanks.

    Applepark, yeah, I have no idea why they named it like that lol