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NOTD: La Senza Moscow Nights

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I couldn't wait any longer to show you the second shade I got from La Senza. And I can tell you right now that it is also a winner, just like its friend - Make Mine Milan!

This is Moscow Nights, a gorgeous shimmery purple shade. I haven't been to Moscow, can't say I know what it looks like at night there, but this colour is very pretty :) The purple is deep, but not anywhere near black. The shimmers shine through.

And what makes it a winner, above all that, is that it is also a one coater. ONE coat! When Make Mine Milan! wowed me being opaque after one coat, I kinda told myself to keep my hope down, just in case it was an extreme among the bunch. But no, Moscow Nights is just as good.

La Senza, I don't know what you did when formulating these babies, but keep at it, as you are doing very well. Love you! :)

Is it ridiculous to write love letters to brands I love? This is not the first time I did that, and they both happen to be Canadian brands. In the world of beauty, it's ok to have multiple lovers, I think, lol.

Anyway, back to Moscow Nights. It is so worth the price tag (3 for CAD15 or CAD4.50 if you have a Prestige card). I did wish the bottle were a little bigger (you can see the size comparison in the Make Mine Milan! post) when I bought them, but if they are all one coaters, I wouldn't be able to finish them for a long time, so it's all good :)

Did I happen to persuade you to go grab some of these Ooh La Nails polishes after the first post? Or do I after this post? Do tell :)


  1. really pretty .. love the color :D
    WOW a one coater.. they are hard to find... would definitely have a look out for this when i head to mall next ... ^_^

  2. I wanted some of these since your last post! The La Senza I went to was all out last time so I need to go again! These look like great quality polishes (One coat!?) so I will definitely go check them out!

  3. Wow, this one is beautiful.

    I think you sold me after "one coat" haha :P

  4. Brownsmoke, do let me know which ones you pick up :)

    Shaylee, the nail polish are very new, so they weren't prob all out, the store just didn't have them it yet perhaps? Good luck finding them :)

    Arezu, yay! lol