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NOTD: La Senza Make Mine Milan!

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I just booked the flights for Squirt and I going to Toronto for Christmas. I love the concept of the holiday but travelling during this time is just so darn expensive. Hoping for a get-together with the TBB (Toronto Beauty Bloggers), eating/ shopping of some sort to make up for the $. I need therapy!

On to the purpose of this post, lol. I was so eager to try out the La Senza Ooh La Nails polishes I got in the weekend, so I picked one for a NOTD this work week: La Senza Make Mine Milan!.

Do you want to guess what the verdict is on this brand spanking new nail polish that La Senza launched a few weeks back? It is AWESOME SAUCE :)

I was kinda nervous with the first stroke. What if it sucked? But it took my breath away. This is ONE coat, people, and it applied so smooth, no streaking, no pulling. It is butter on the nails.

And the wear was good - lasted me 2 days. I'm hard on my hands, and not many polishes pass that 2 day mark, so I'm happy.

And did I say I love the colour? A dark army green that stays pretty true to the bottle colour. It is a creme finish but not flat, has a bit of a shine. Can't say I have anything like it in the stash.

I think it is one of the most stand out shades in the bunch of 15 or so colours La Senza has. There are quite a few pink/ red ones that I didn't really care for.

The brush is a bit small which takes some practice to get the hang of it, but the same 3-stroke technique works just fine. It is stiff enough to do the job, so I can manage a neat mani without having to clean up my cuticles.

And a bottle size comparison for those of you who asked. Ooh La Nails bottles are certainly smaller than Claire's Mood and Joe Fresh's.

I like the cap, easy to hold, but look at the thick glass at the bottom of the bottle. Urghhh!
For a size like this and retail price of CAD6.50 (or 3 for CAD15), I'd expect other shades to be just as great as Make Mine Milan! to win my heart. We shall see :)

I will get to the other 2 colours soon, so you can see the swatches before deciding to head out for a purchase. But this first shade is a winner in my book already, just to put it out there, lol.

Don't forget to enter the Apothica giveaway. Cheers!


  1. Great Color(: Please Put Up A Blog When You Get The Other Two Colors(:

  2. WOW! One coat? So impressive! and such a pretty colour! I'm going to have to hit up La Senza soon! :)

  3. I'm glad you wrote about this nail polish, I was wondering if they were good.

  4. Lisa, I will, for sure :)

    Perry, I'm curious to see which colours you would pick

    Shaylee, it is very impressive, my first experience :)

    tanisa, at least this one is good :)

  5. That really is a unique colour!

    I haven't seen these yet in my local La Senza stores, I'm keeping my eyes out for them.

    And I can't believe that's one coat! Don't you just love polishes like that? lol :P

  6. omg! one coat?! I mean I have a few of that variety in my collection, but they are few and far between really. and it look quite nice!

  7. Arezu, I liked it a lot. Hope your store gets them in soon

    Rasilla, yep, 1 coat :)