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Weekend haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was sick at home yesterday, was not productive at all, as you can guess. Today is IMATS Toronto which I couldn't go, so I went to the mall (20% off sale) to make up for it. I was sad, so damage was done badly.

First stop: Sirens. They were doing 30% off the entire store or 50% off if you have their loyalty card (which I do).

I used to think Sirens was more for teenagers and often overlooked their stuff. Then I found their sales were pretty good, and went there more often. Today's sale was one of those cases.

The halter bra top on the left is quite sparkly, with zebra-like print and lace along the waist line in the front, I paid CAD8.75 for it.

The corset on the right also has a built-in bra which I'm a fan of, CAD9.75.

A pair of glossy animal-print leggings, CAD5.25, and a sequin eternity scarf, CAD6.25.

I would prefer a longer form of eternity scarf, but this scarf is quite wide, which probably made up for the length :)

I was probably in a holiday mood, as I realized I got quite a few sparkly things, just from this one store. Was quite close to get another pea coat jacket, but I still have 2 I got from Old Navy.

They had some LA Colors nail polish and eyeshadow palettes, but even with the sale, it wasn't worth it, as they are found at Dollar Tree in the States (i.e. they are $1).

The Fairweather store is closing down, I was hoping for more discount but they only did 20% on top of the discounted price. I noticed the "motorcycle-styled" jacket on the way out and couldn't pass it up.

The jacket also came in black but I don't have anything in this colour, so I was drawn to it. 2 zippers in the front, under the fold, and 2 on the side, and the stripe pattern on the shoulder. There were only 2 of them left in the store, and 1 was my size. It came home with me, CAD23.99 later.

It's probably a good idea for those of you who live around here to keep an eye on this store, in case they bring the price down even more. We haven't had a closing-down sale for quite a while now, have we?

On to the more exciting stuff - nail polish :)

The Ardene store at the mall always has their nail polish 2 for CAD6 (reg. CAD3.50 each) but I always forget to check it out. For those who don't know, Ardene is similar to Claire's, but I think it's only in Canada.

Today, with the sale, thought it was a good time to haul. I saw 2 different bottle shapes of the nail polish but can't tell whether they are changing the packaging or have 2 lines together.

From L-R: Navy Girl, Rockin Purple, Emerald Green and Heavy Metal. Not many shades to choose from, but I think I did an ok job picking these out from the bunch.

And here are the new La Senza Ooh La Nails finally. Again, La Senza is the Canadian version of Victoria's Secret.

There are 15 shades available (mostly cream), retail 3 for CAD15 (reg. CAD6.50 each). I picked, from L-R: Moscow Nights, Big Ben Baby! and Make Mine Milan!. The bottles are quite small (6.7g/ .23oz). Can't wait to test them out.

I also get myself some awesome push-up bras (2 for CAD36.50, which came with a free cotton panty) but didn't think I need to take pics of them lol.
Last stop, Lawtons. Surprisingly, I didn't go crazy there.

They just had Vasanti in stores, so I got the Eye Wonder Triple Action Eye Treatment cream, reg. CAD42.

Heard good things about it but Vasanti doesn't go on sale at Shoppers ever, so I thought I would grab it here with 20% off.

Wanted to get a EcoTools foundation brush but it was sold out, so I just grabbed this lonely Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City on clearance to accompany my Eye Wonder :)

Ok, that's my haul. Now I brace myself for the IMATS haul posts that will start popping up on my google reader very soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nice shopping haul!! I forgot the MAC pack I had of yours, but I will be in Halifax at the end of the months. We can meet for lattes??

  2. I just about bought Emerald city today. But I already had a green matte zoya and the green suede OPI, so I passed.

  3. Ooh let me know how you like the LaSenza polishes! I've been wanting to try them out since I got the email add when they got released! excited for your pics for sure! Could you post one of the LS bottles next to another brand for comparison sake :) thanks beautiful!

  4. Nice haul! Very pretty polishes!!! :)

  5. Oh wow you've founs amazing things at Sirens! I love this store, I should go more often, their sales are really worth it (=

  6. Monica, I can't wait :)

    Perry, now I have more than 1 bottle of Emerald City :)

    Macbella2, stay tuned for my post and yes, the bottle size comparison is a great idea

    Pammy and Iris, thanks ladies :)

    Gaby, yes Sirens is growing on me. Love their sales.