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Annabelle Hype collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I just received my prize from Annabelle's Twitter giveaway for some items from their latest Hype Collection. Call me obsessed, but anything from Annabelle (or any Canadian drugstore brands) is awesome to try out.

The items in the picture (courtesy of Annablle's blog) are what came in the package. Considering how recent the collection is, thought I should do some swatches together with summary of what Annabelle has to offer.

First off, the Custom Quad eyeshadows. From top left corner, clockwise: Lagoon, Fantasy, Rainforest and Ultra Violet - shades that are added to the regular line. Yay for more colours.

Swatches are in the same order above, applied damp on top of a bit of base. My favorite is Fantasy, a cross between Lagoon and Rainforest, interestingly enough. First swipe would be a bit sheer but these shadows are easy to build on and easy to blend. I wear Fantary on the lid and Ultra Violet on the crease today but was in a hurry in the morning and couldn't take pics :(

There are another 4 eyeshadows that come with this collection (LE, available until February only): Tutu, Acid Reflex, Revolver and Jazzberry. I got them for review but am missing one shade so swatching will have to wait a bit. The Shoppers that I frequent doesn't have the display anymore, which is such a pain.

Next are the Volumelip Lip Plumping glosses with the newly improved easy-to-squeeze tubes. Very soft, love it.

I swatch Vivid Volume, Iced Spice and Metro Mango at the bottom but include the 2 shades I reviewed before (Sweet Tweet and Cheryoke, on the top) just for comparison.

Vivid Volume looks a bit less purple IRL, just so you know. Metro Mango is an awesome shade of red/coral while Cheryoke would be more red. My fav is actually Iced Spice. It looks a bit brown/ beige in the tube but shows up as a nude with the slightest hint of pink. Awesome on top of a lipstick, or if you are looking for a nude lip look.

Move on to the Hype Liquid Eyeliners (LE). There are 2 colours, I only receive Mystic Black which is an intense black with silver sparkles. It's not gritty, glides on so smooth, and I am loving the larger tip - works so well for liquid liner newbies like me. Now I might have to go look for the other colour, Electric Blue, as I love Mystic Black so much.

Also in the swatches are the Smudgeliners (LE) in Honey (an old gold colour) and Foxy Grey (metallic grey, almost white). I'd love to use Foxy Grey in the inner corner to bright up the eyes, other than its regular use as an eyeliner.

Also part of the Hype Collection is the 2 Studio Pigment Palettes (LE), which I don't have. If you are new to Annabelle Studio Pigments, these sets would be a good way to start. You get 4 mini sized loose pigment jars to try out in one shot.

That concludes my little review on Annabelle Hype collection. If I can get my hand on the missing LE eyeshadow shade, I'll post swatches up right away. And as I have extras on some eyeshadows and lip glosses, stay tuned for a quick giveaway :)


  1. WAH! the smudgeliners XD
    I'm currently looking into a slight dupe of the foxy grey, but we will see :)

    I wanna see looks XD when you get the time of course :)

    and yay for new squeezy tubes~ I wasn't sure cause they look exactly the same. so nice to know^^

  2. ooh those colours are pretty! i need to check out the hype collection. haven't been to the drugstore makeup aisle since school

  3. Lucky <3 Lagoon is such a gorgeous color :D

  4. Rasilla, hopefully I could snap a few pics :) Yeah, the tubes don't look different but sure feel different

    Jennifer, thanks :)

    S, hope you could at least swatch them at Shoppers, as they are very fun. Hope school is going well :)

    Steph, Lagoon is intense. Awesome for a light smoky look without using black

  5. Congrats on winning! Those two Smudgeliners look gorgeous =D

    This is actuallt the first time I hear about a nail polish thinner... do you know where I could get one?

  6. Gaby, yes they are very pretty :) Hope you can get a hold of a bottle of polish thinner

  7. I want all of these now! LOL! Thanks for sharing and the review.