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mark haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Back in June, My Pretty Pink Box has a promo for a free box with a $25 mark order, and I participated :) It took a while to get here, the wait wasn't easy, but at least it was not lost. This is just a first impression post, reviews might follow.

Here are what I got, in their packaging:
- Flip for It palette in LA
- Shimmer Tubes Hook up Gel blush in Pink Pearl
- Please Hold Eye primer, and
- Most-loved Eyes kit in the glamourous little red clutch.

mark is a new-to-me brand, can't say I know much about it, even though I order Avon stuff quite often. With tons of blogs that I frequent, there are not so many reviews/ posts about this brand. So I was excited to have a few things to test out.

As the name suggests, the Flip for It palette has a 2-sided panel to house different products, which is convenient for travelling or for your purse.

- Front side (left pic): eyeshadows in Hollywood and Mulholland, and a cheek colour in Joues
- Back side (right pic): lip colours in Melrose and Rodeo, and lip glosses in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

The product that I'm very curious about is the Please Hold Eye primer, considering I love eyemakeup the most.

Also, gel blush is kinda cool, so I picked the Shimmer Tubes Hook up Gel blush in Pink Pearl. The colour is pretty cute.

Lastly, the Most-loved Eyes kit is a neat little combo of a Scandalash mascara, 5 i-sheer creamy eyeshadows, an On the Edge eyeliner and 2 Metallic Eye Glam, all travel sized. The little pouch they came in with is a fancy touch.

June's My Little Pink Box (my freebie) came in a cute little pink paper box with:
- Little Moon Essentials' Clear Skins Ahead Soothing Anti-stress Spray
- NYX Fabulous Lashes & Glue #EL134
- NYX Single eyeshadow in Cryptonite
- Derma Pro Skin care samples, and
- Sweet Libertine Mineral eyeshadow samples.

If you are not familiar with the box concept and how it works, check out my very first My Pretty Pink Box.

That's it for the haul. If you have tried any of the above mark products, please let me know what you think of them. I am having a bad case of breakout, not sure when I can do FOTDs again, but maybe arm swatches can do?


  1. Great haul!! The concept of a surprise box is super adorable, and really awesome to try!

    LOve the freebies--NYX single eyeshadows are super awesome!

  2. Actually I was in Calgary during my crazy search for it, birthplace of Face Atelier so I was really bummed with how the site wasn't updated at all in terms of retail locations. Oooh you're from Halifax I see...not too many Canadian bloggers out here are there?!? LOL

  3. Steph, it is fun eh? I love NYX too

    Tammy, there are lots of Toronto bloggers, they even have a common blog for their events and stuff :)

  4. Mark products are really great. I own several of the flip for it palettes and am never disappointed with a purchase.

  5. ashhygoesrawr, great to know hun. I'm so new to the brand