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Deals around town

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Just a quick post to let you know about a few good deals I found yesterday. As with all sales, they are while supplies last or until the new flyers arrive, so I want to post them up ASAP.

First off, Suzy Shier is doing their Final Blowout Sale for their summer stock: shoes $5, tops $7.50, tees & tanks 3 for $10, pants $10 and accessories from $2. This sale is at selected locations only, so make sure you click the link to find one near you from the list.

I've shopped enough during Suzy's F&F sales already, so I only got one thing: these booties. I went in the store with no expectation, as I know with sales like this, the chance of finding shoes my size is near zero. But against all odds, I found a pair, lol.

They are so cute, with studs along the sides, and the heels aren't too high. All that for $5 (well $4.50 if you have their Prestige card for 10% off), who could say no?

If you want to stock up on summer items, now might be a good time to do so. And you might be luckier than me to have more than one Suzy location offering this sale :)

We went to Walmart to find Squirt some new gym shoes for school. They do have some cool shoes and boots this time of year, price ranges from $10 to $30, not bad at all.

I didn't forget to do a walk-by around the cosmetics isles. Saw some "Roll back" stickers at the Wet n Wild shelf, I stopped and looked.

Certain WnW ColorIcon products are CAD4 at the moment - including the eyeshadow palettes (one pictured on the left, reg. CAD5.97), trios, blushes, bronzers. I don't think this deal is advertised in their flyers.

I got Lust, as it has the most interesting shades to me. I always wanted to try one of these palettes, and $4 isn't a bad price. I hope this sale is not just at my store so you guys can go check these out too. If you see the same deal where you are, please let me know.

Lastly, Zellers has Revlon nail polish (reg. CAD4.99) BOGO this week. No news there, as I already told you about it in my Weekly Flyer Deal post.

The thing is the Just Add Sparkle collection is part of this sale too, not just the regular line. At my Zellers, they just shoved these glitter top coats on to the regular display, no sign of the creme shades though. As they rung in CAD4.99, they were part of the BOGO sale, as the staff told me. The Top Speed line isn't though, as they retail CAD5.49.

This deal is even better than the CAD3 sale Shoppers had a couple weeks ago, so if you haven't got these shades yet, go now. I didn't find the Matte Suede collection though, can't confirm on the deal on it.

Hope this is helful for some Canadian ladies reading my blog. I had a really bad day yesterday, so seeing some good deals cheered me up a bit. And it's sunny out today (very cold though, for a fall day) :)


  1. Super cute boots. They look like they wouldn't be too painful to wear, either.

  2. lovely boots!! :) I need to find myself new shoes too hahaha!
    sorry to hear you had a bad day ((hug))

  3. The booties are cute. I have a couple of pairs of shoes from Suzy Shier also, very cute, comfortable and cheap!

    Thanks for the deal alert :) I was looking for Revlons on sale, I got some coupons at the Superstore last weekend for $1 off... they expire at the end of September so I have to hurry up and use them!

    I'll check out Zellers tonight on my way home from work, hopefully I find something good :) Too bad the top speed line isn't included.

  4. Those booties are so pretty! I can't believe you got them for only $5!!!

    I read lots of great posts about the Wet n Wild palettes. They seem to have really improved their products.

    That's a good deal for the Revlon nail polishes. I saw the sale in the flyer but I'm not a fan of their nail polishes and I have way to many already, so I passed.

  5. Thank you ladies for loving the boots. They are quite comfortable, not too tight on the feet.

    M, thanks for the hug. I need that :)

    Danielle, hope you could find some good Revlon

    Gaby, yep, they were $40 reg. so it was a steal. Try the WnW palette out, it's fun :)

  6. The boots are gorgeous! :)


  7. Wow, you always spot the greatest deals!
    There's a location near me thats doing the blow out sale - I wish I saw this earlier or I would of gone today, now it's too late :(

    I should check out Wal-Mart for those WnW palettes! I've always wanted to pick them up, but for $4 that's not a bad deal.

  8. Jess, thanks hun :)

    Arezu, I don't know when the blowout sale is over, so just check in, they might still have it. And yeah, grab one or two palettes at Walmart too lol