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He Qi Crystal Designs haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have been on a swarovski kick recently. This is a little haul I got from He Qi Crystal Designs.

The first two pieces, I bought when Lisa had BOGO sale, and the third piece I won from her monthly giveaway back in May. This picture is to show you the length and how the necklaces look all together. For a close-up on the pendants to see how pretty they are, keep reading :)

As you probably have known, swarovski crystals reflect light in different ways and show off different colours when doing that. Fascinating! I always want to have some jewelries with swarovski crystals but they always seem to be quite expensive. I found He Qi through blogs and finally made my first purchase.

Below are the necklaces with a modeal (i.e. me, lol), with a bit details on the crystals and chains. Excuse how I look, as pictures were taken at the end of a work day.

First piece: Custom Swarovski Pendant Necklace in Bermuda Blue, $27.

Description from Lisa's site:
- 18mm (large) SWAROVSKI Crystal heart, 32 colours of choice
- rhodium plated rhinestone embellished heart bail
- 16-inch sterling silver figaro chain.

I'm actually glad I picked Bermuda Blue for the pendant, as it looks quite unique - I haven't seen a colour like it. The chain is simple, as all attention would be on the crystal itself :)

Second piece: Golden Rosalie Swarovski Victorian Necklace (inspired by Rosalie from Twilight), $27 (org. $32)
- 18mm SWAROVSKI crystal heart in Crystal AB
- double-leaf bail in gold
- antique brass Victorian link, SWAROVSKI pearls and crystals (wire-wrapped, using antique brass wire, by hand), aprox. 18 inches in length.

The chain on this piece is so cute, I could have got away with wearing it by itself, without the pendant. But don't get me wrong, crystal AB is such a versatile colour, as it's clear but shines blue/ purple/ green depending on the angle you look at it. A complete awesome piece, if you ask me.

Third piece, the most magnificent of them all: HQCD Signature Super Nova Necklace in Montana Sapphire, $40. The pendant is a beautiful Swarovski crystal rivoli stone is framed in a circle of silver Japanese seed beads and matching SWAROVSKI bicones. The color of the focus is a darker sapphire blue. Meticulously and carefully double beaded to ensure the most durability. Pendant measures aprox. 2cm in diameter, and comes with a 18-inch sterling silver chain

I have no words to describe the pendant, as it is so gorgeous. The stone gives you such a deep dimension that just sucks you in there, and as I picked a darker shade, it's even more mysterious. And then there are the small stones surrounding the main crystal, I feel like a royal member wearing this piece.

Here is the close-up on the 3 pendants. Did I do a good job describing it, or the picture could say it all? :)

I had the option to choose the colours for the crystals and am very happy with my choice. Like nail polish, I am going dark with necklace pendants too, lol. I think darker colours are easier to pair with clothing and/or other jewelry pieces that I might wear.

I like the fact that Lisa offers free (international) shipping, and often has sale/ promotion/ free makeup/ skin care samples. I might keep an eye out for future sales, as this might be addictive :)

And if you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post, as Lisa doesn't even know that I have a blog or I am going to post it. Just thought it'd be fun to share.


  1. Lovely necklaces!

  2. Omg, freaking gorgeous. Totally checking out the site.

  3. I love Lisa's designs! They never fail to fascinate or impress me. I also love that each piece is handmade with love by her ^^

  4. Thanks so much, ladies. I'm glad you like the pieces :)

    Perry, let me know if you end up getting anything from Lisa :)