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Claire's hauls

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have recently hit a few jackpots at Claire's 10 for $10 sales. They have sales often enough to suck me in, and sometimes there are treasures waiting to be found.

For those who aren't familiar with Claire's sale: Once in a while, they run 10 for $10 sale where selected items of CAD11.50 (or less) regular price are on for $1 each, as long as you get at least 10 items. Items of more than CAD11.50 reg. will be extra half price of the last sale price, which normally means 75% off original price.

This post is a summary of a few trips I made in the last month or so.

First, a few scores at the nail polish corner:
- Key Lime (scented)
- 4 layered polishes: Heart Princess, Star Daze, Sherbert and Hawaii - they are so pretty!
- 2 treatments: matte top coat and nail strengthener.

And a major score: the Salon Nail Foils (CAD4.54, reg. CAD18.25). The kit comes with 24 foils (I chose the animal print pattern), a mini nail file, nail scissors and a cuticle pusher, all stored in a sturdy clear plastic case. Obviously Claire's has jumped on to the foil wagon. I plan to try this out before a vacation, hoping it would last longer than regular nail polish so I don't have to be bothered with changing my nail colours.

For makeup, I found some lashes. Didn't know they make lashes before, guess I don't browse the stores enough, other than the sale section, lol.

I did notice the Tokyo Girls collection with fun packaging before (kinda remind me of the Harajuku Lovers dolls). Liked it but didn't want to pay full price. Good thing I waited, cause I found a few in the $1 bin.
- Tokyo Girls lip gloss - Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry
- Tokyo Girls Cherry lip balm.
Aren't they cute?

More makeup:
- Shimmering eyeshadow palette: 12 combos of quads (CAD4.56, reg. CAD18.25). I heard this palette has good pigmentation and like the endless colour combination option.
- Bronzing set: a single with star pattern, a duo and a trio, plus a brush ($1, reg. CAD11.50)
- Multiple-coloured palettes - Penguin, Brown-eyed Girl and Panda ($1 each, reg. CAD5). Gotta be fun picking out colour from the animal's ears/ hand/legs, etc., a step up from regular colour palettes, don't you think?

It might sound funny but I feel young shopping at Claire's, lol. Maybe my sis will laugh, but I dont' care :) Hey, it rhymes.

Lastly, some jewelry.
- 2 flower rings on the left are in the same design, one black (opaque), one white (clear), adjustable.
- 3 dangling earrings.

Always remember that you don't have to buy items in the multiple amount of 10's. Any items after the first 10 would be $1 each. Not all the staff know this rule (I've been there), so make sure you (and the store manager) do.

Have you been in Claire's lately. Any good finds?


  1. Hi Halifax!

    I once visited Claire's when I was in Victora (BC) as there's none in Quebec (where I live). I purchased pretty earrings at such an inexpensive price =D

    The layered polishes look so pretty!

    OMG animal print nail foils! Lucky girl!

    The animal eyeshadow palettes are too cute ^^

    I want a black flower ring, too!

  2. Holy MOly you scored big time there!
    I miss the nice stuff Claire's sells in Canada/the US, here it's just plain crap. Ilove those animal palettes, so cute ^_^

  3. What a huge haul!

  4. Haha I have to admit when R, M and I walked past the Claire's store and saw they had 10 for $10, I said that we could probably expect a haul post from you :D Hehe

  5. Wow! Great jackpot! I always see the 10 for 10 sale but i can never find 10 items that I like!

  6. Omg, those palettes with cartoons on them are so adorable! I'd buy it just for fun :)

  7. Gaby, awww it sucks that you don't have a Claire's near by. I'm just so addicted.

    Chocaddict, I guess I was lucky to be in the store when the sale just started lol. It's odd that Claire's over there doesn't carry the same stuff

    Becky, thanks hun :)

    S, you guys know me well :) Have to admit I didn't see anything fun at Claire's in TO I've been

    Lisa, there are times that I can't get to 10 items either, lol

    Julienne, that was exactly why I bought them lol