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Lawtons haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is a collective post for a few small hauls I did with different trips to different Lawtons. I know their clearance sales are unexpected, so I often walk in to check around when I can.

This is my latest find: Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara (Blackest Black, bonus packs) were 50% off (reg. CAD17.50). They must be trying to get rid of these LE packaging, because the ones with regular packaging were still on full price.

CAD8.75 is a good price for a vibrating mascara already, in my opinion. But it didn't end there. The display of the mascaras in regular packaging had those $5 coupons attached to it. I paid CAD3.75 a piece. Score!!! :-)

The bonus inside the packaging was Maybelline Expert Wear duo shadows. I found 4 different choices and got them all. I figure they could be great gifts or a future giveaway prize.

Click the pic for larger view. The shadow shades are, from top left, clockwise: 15 (Cocoa Delight), 80 (Grey Matters), 40 (Lasting Lilac) and 30 (Rose Tints).

I can't tell there are any other shadow options, so check your Lawtons. Have any of you tried this mascara before? Do you like it?

Some Milani LE items were on clearance too.

For the polish, from L-R: Totally Cool (not an LE but I got it for half price too), Pink Pop, Electric Pink, Juicy Glo and Cool Vibe, CAD2.49 each.

I grabbed the last 4 shades thinking they were the neons. I was in a hurry so I didn't really read the label - it didn't say "neons", lol. I since brought the 2 pink shades back, as they weren't really unique. The orange and purple are lovely though.

It's always a big question to me of how Lawtons gets Milani stuff, as they didn't get all the LE collections but some. They did miss the Halloween blacks that I so wanted to get, but I'm happy.

Also found thse Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eyeshadows. They are basically glitters in a gel base, supposed to be used for the eyes.

I have read enough reviews about them to know some shades show up and some don't, but I am curious and want to try them out for myself.

I grabbed the ones that look pigmented enough, from L-R: Gorgeous & Glowing, Delightfully Dazzling and Glamorously Glittering, CAD4.49 each.

Would you guys be interested in a Milani giveaway? I keep buying them cause I'm scared they'd be gone and I couldn't find them later. Maybe I should share them with you.


  1. Your haul posts always make me smile. :)

    I really, really, REALLY hope you have better luck with that green Crystal Eyez than I did. If it's pigmented for you, I will feel like I got incredibly cheated. Mine had no color at all. :(

    Please post swatches of them when you try them!

  2. So many pretties! I didn't know Milani did glitter gel type things, I think I would smother my entire face in them ;]

  3. Hey Halifax! My god, you totally scored with those vibrating mascaras! Never treid it, though, but at $3.75 a piece, I wouldn't say no (=

    The polishes look great, especially Totally Cool and Juicy Glo ^^

    The Milani Sparkling Eyeshadows definitely look interesting! The packaging reminds me of lipgloss, though!

  4. that, my dear, is a RIDICULOUS PRICE XD
    that is a true SCORE XD

    anyway just wanted to say happy mothers day :)
    hpe it was a lovely one.

    ps im counting down... are coming to Toronto Imats as well?!?! wee :)

  5. R, aww your precious smile because of my posts? :-) I do remember the green didn't work for you, but saw the bronze did on another blogger, so the verdict is still out.

    SilhouetteScreams, yes it is a LE line. Milani didn't promote much outside US.

    Gaby, I know, right? :-) Totally Cool is famous among Milani regular line, it is very pretty. The glitter gels would be interesting to test out for sure.

    rasilla, thanks so much hun. I am counting down too. I'm keeping an eye out on ticket sale so I could come for IMATS :-)