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My stash - Revlon

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

A few weekends ago, I started to take pictures of my polish stash, as some of you requested to see it. Thought it's about time to post it up, when I'm done procastinating, lol.

As I just posted a Revlon NOTD yesterday, thought I should start the stash with Revlon.

First off are the Glimmer Glosses. These date way back when I first started with nail polish, thought they were so pretty in the bottles. Little did I know that the glitters don't really show up well on the nails. A little disappointing. I'm actually thinking about adding more glitters in, do you think it's a good idea?

Here they are, from L-R: Cherry Fizz, Pina Colada Pop, Blueberry Burst and Banana Blaze.

Nice names, Revlon, but you gotta give me something else to love them with :-)

The love I gave to Revlon is the Fruit Temptations "Scented when Dry" collection. Yes, I got the whole collection (plus a few backup bottles, lol). They are fun, both colour and scent wise. Some shades really stood out. The wear is great (normally about 3 days for me).

First row: Raspberry Rapture, Sublime Strawberry, Mon Cherry and Pretty in Papaya. Second row: Passionate Fruit, Not So Blue-berry, Coconut Crush and Mad About Mango.

I always look at this collection and wish Revlon comes out with more scented colours. And it looks like they are. Haven't seen the new shades in Canada yet, but I saw a green, blue and a few more on nail blogs. Can't wait.

A few more bottles from the regular line, from L-R: Gold Get' Em, Silver Screen, Blackberry, Plum Attraction, Iced Spice and Midnight Affair.

I know some of you might ask why I don't have any of the new highly sought-after pastel shades from Revlon, especially Minted. Well, I'm holding off on them. If they go on sale, I might buy a bottle or two. Otherwise, I'm probably fine without them. Or am I? :-)

I hope the stash series will be fun to read for you guys. It takes lots of time to take pictures, but it's a good way for me to do inventory check. If you like it, more stash posts to come.

It's raining here today, and the temp dropped to around 12. No more warm sunny days for a while.


  1. the glimmer glosses are great for layering!! Grape Shimmer (which you don't have....oops!) looks amazing over black, and Cherry Pop is awesome over other reds for a more dimensional look. And it looks nice over white too!!

  2. Ooh, so many colours! Great collection girl.

    Thanks for the comment, yes it does suck to have to pay double ALL the time knowing how close the US is to us!

  3. Ah, I've been waiting to see your stash! Your NOTD's are always a bright spot in my daily blogger feed :)

  4. kenzie, they didn't show up well unless I did thick layers on top of another colour. I agree, black and white would be ultimate choice of base colours :-)

    Makeup Mama, thanks :-) The Canada shipping cost drama huh?

    Lena, thanks for your support hun. You made my day with this comment xo

  5. If I didn't have the one you sent me, I would be drooling over the rest of the scented ones XD
    Can't wait to see more :)

  6. rasilla, glad I got you something to play with :-) And the new scented ones are coming out, so it'd be fun