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My stash - L'Oreal

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

We are on to L'Oreal today. I don't normally turn to L'Oreal for their nail polish, only get a bottle or two here and there. As you can see in the pictures, I don't have many bottles from the brand.

From L-R: L'Oreal Hopeful Plum (Color of Hope Collection), Safari Sunset and Dessert Dawn (Summer of Safari Collection).

These are all LE shades, I'm afraid. The permanent line doesn't interest me much, so I tend to check out the special displays for interesting colours. These were on clearance at the end of the season (50% off), around CAD3 each.

Can't comment much about application of these babies unfortunately, as they are from my untried pile :-)

And these are L'Oreal Resist & Shine Tatanium in Black Gold, Black Red and Black Turquoise.

As you see in my NOTDS with 2 of the bottles, the black overpowers the colours which make them appear black on my nails. Only under direct flash that you can see the glare of colours.

The interesting thing about this collection is that it seems not to make it to the US yet, so we Canadians could have the privilege of trying them out first, together with the UK and Australia :-)

I got these on sale for CAD4 a pop, not too bad. Regular price is somewhere around CAD10 which I don't think is worth it. I still have the burning question: if I add more pigments to the polish, do you think it'd show up better, or the black is just going to "swallow" any other colour trying to take its part?


  1. the resist&shine ones were available in most european countries- but somehow they've been marked as an LE and only 1 or two are in their permanent display

  2. I think the black probably will just swallow the pigments because it's soooo dark. If it were a two coater polish, it might work, but I don't think with a black that pigmented. I added some opi up front and personal to it and it did nothing.

  3. amusedPolish, I really wish they showed up better on nails. The concept is great but didn't play out.

    Perry, really? That's sad. I really hope to find a way to make these colours work.

  4. Lovely collection so far, can't wait to see more :) Those black polishes remind me of the greasepaint sticks...the colours are also blackened colours.

  5. S, thanks hun. I'll keep them coming. I don't have any greasepaint sticks, but guess both products were meant to be a base for other colourss :-)