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Sally pricing structure

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Ok, last weekend I went to Sally. Besides the purpose of checking out new stuff, I wanted to confirm the change in their pricing structure that Nancy encoutered last time she was in her Sally.

We all know that Sally has 3 different prices for the public, for people with Sally cards (now called Beauty Club) and for pros. However, we never know what the pro prices are cause they aren't shown on price labels. Well, now they are.

Take a look at this picture.
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The shelf label now shows 3 prices: (as an example) regular price $29.99, Beauty Club price $27.99 and then pro price (the last 4 little digits of the long code on the top right) $25.99.

One might guess Sally just decided to show pro prices on the labels now and that's the only change they made. Guess again.

Well, China Glaze shelf label now shows $6.49, $5.49 and $3.99. Nancy's Sally store charged her CAD5.49 each bottle, and mine charged me CAD3.99 (and we both have Sally cards, not pro cards). Note that the price came up automatically in the system after scanning the card, not input manually, so no human errors there.

For investigation sake, I checked the price on Sally website. China Glaze regular bottles are $5.99 (regular) and $4.49 (Beauty Club) - in USD of course. A noticeable price increase right? More interestingly, the Ooh Ahhz and Up and Away collection are said to be for pro purchases only on the site.

What does this all mean? I don't know, I am so confused. My advice to you is if you have some pending purchases at Sally, you might want to go get them soon before the new prices kick in at your stores.

And to lighten things up, here's what I got with that trip to my Sally.

Re-fresh Mint and Peachy Keen from the Up and Away collection. I needed some pastels to wear at work. I might have to go back for Lemon Fizz.

Don't forget the $1 off coupons for China Glaze I mentioned before. They are on the shelf next to the bottles, not in the flyers. Sally's system doesn't allow 2 coupons in 1 purchase, so you'll have to do different transactions for each bottle :-(

If you are going to Sally, please come back and let me know what price you pay. I am very curious to know. If China Glaze ends up being CAD5.49 a pop, that might be it for my collection from Sally. *Sad face*


  1. We don't have any Sallys here in Montreal...why are we always behind?! I don't get it ... Great polish colors btw..need to check out CG Up and Away collection :)

  2. I actually had no clue they had pro pricing. Interesting. Love your two polishes!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, interesting!
    I love the two nail polishes you picked up:)

  4. what?? I haven't even made use of my Sally's card more than twice :/ I guess I better go soon!

    Peachykeen looks like a great dupe for MAC Seasonal Peach! Which I still haven't

  5. Ms. Naz, where do you get your China Glaze from, if you don't have Sally? Up and Away is great, if you like pastels :-)

    Shop N' Chomp, I heard pro prices used to be the same as card prices, not anymore now.

    Monica, they are the 2 that caught my eyes the most :-)

    S, I go to Sally at least twice a month to check out new China Glaze (not necessary buying anything though). Go now. If you already have Seaonal Peach, you prob don't need Peachy Keen :-)

  6. I haven't been to Sally's in SO long, cause we don't have any near me, but if I do go, I'm interested to see the prices, cause that's weird about two different locations having different prices on the same items?

  7. Arezu, it was probably just because my Sally was slow in updating :-)