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NOTD: Borghese Gusto Gold Dust

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My very first... Borghese.

This is Gusto Gold Dust from Borghese 2009 holiday collection.

The colour: A gorgeous, pure metallic gold goodness kinda colour, I am so impressed. Note that somehow my camera made the colour a little darker (a bronze gold) than IRL (a rose gold).

The finish: It almost looks like foil on my nails which I didn't expect, as in the bottle it seemed to be more of a shimmery shade.

The bottle: Very different from any other polish brands I own. Vintage and luxurious looking. The non-slip long handle is a plus too.

The brush: It's huge, only takes 2 strokes to cover each nail (one for the pinkies). Talk about convenience. It is also short and stiff enough for a stable application, not the flimpsy/ floppy one for sure. I had a really great time applying this polish, quite a treat I must say.

Oh Borghese, why do you have to be so expensive that I can't own a lot of you? I think they are around CAD12.49 a piece at Shoppers. Good thing I grabbed a few on clearance. Love it! Can't wait to try more from this brand.


  1. Omg, they're $14 over here. BLEARGH.

  2. Yeah, they are higher end stuff, aren't they?

  3. It's so obscene though. They cost as much as MAC polishes.

  4. Lol, I don't buy MAC, have no idea

  5. Yes, stay away from MAC. Ridiculous prices.