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NOTD: Sally Hansen Burnt Sienna

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My very first... Sally Hansen Salon "Project Runway" collection - Canada exclusive.

I got a few bottles from this collection a while back but didn't get around to swatching them.

I originally didn't think I'd like Burnt Sienna as much as the rest of the collection, but I actually do. It looks a little darker IRL, just what I need at the moment. I wanted something dark and toned down. Application is smooth and easy, though the brush is a little small. Took 3 coats for the bottle colour.

I did paint my toe nails with China Glaze Ruby Pumps, so I took care of the "wearing red for new year" business. Maybe Ruby Pumps could help me with some good luck this Tiger year :-)

I managed to get to work with my left leg and a tiny support of my right leg. I fell bad being off work for too long. I might have to persuade myself to see my doctor. Hope things are all well with you guys.


  1. Just in case it might be good to see a doc, just so you can eliminate the slight chance of a fracture. and seeing as the swelling is hopefully down a bit, you get a better xray.

    :( Be careful on the roads!

    ps it does look quite pretty :)

  2. I hear ya :-) I don't like the idea of seeing a doctor, but will have to. I'm scared of having some long term damage. Thanks for being there, hugs