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NYX Army

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

A few days back, I updated my Gosh Army population, and today it's NYX's turn. I don't mean to brag about this, this is more for my personal reference of what I already have - in case I'm tempted to order some more, and for your reference if you need any swatches :-)

These eyeshadows are from one of the bulk sales NYX did on their website. As shipping to Canada would cost $60 (I checked), I asked a friend in the US helped and he gave them to my sis when he went home for vacation. I just got them back from her. Mom and sis picked out a few that they liked, 4 broke on the way here (*sad face*), so this is what I have left.

The neutral/ highlight group:

First row, from L-R: Skin, Shimmer, Peach, Jazzy Bronze and 24 Karet (exactly what it said on the label).

Second row: Toffee, Cedar Wood, Walnut Bronze, Slate, Beanie and Egg White.

I didn't use flash, but the light in my room wasn't the perfect natural light, so the colours appeared a bit differently.

The blue/ purple/ green group:

First row, from L-R: October Sky, Navy, Red Bean and Ballerina.

Second row: Algae, Jade, Marrakesh, Aqua Marine and Sweet Lagoon.

It's interesting that green seemed to be the dominant colour in the whole bunch.

The last group:

Olive Green, Khaki on the top.

Alaska, Earthy at the bottom.

I could probably put the first 2 in the green group, but somehow I didn't. The last 2 are for smoky effect or crease colours, don't fit to any group.

The trios:

From the left, clockwise:

First trio: Princess Pink/ Flamenco/ Violet
Second: Velvet Blue/ Ocean Frost/ Space
Third: White/ Tropical/ Silver.

I am so glad that NYX now have 5-colour palettes (Caribbean Collection) and 10-colour palettes (Runway & For Your Eyes Collection), and kits to satisfy makeup lovers. I so hope they would do a big sale on these or the nail polishes :-)

What's your experience with NYX eyeshadows? Do you like them?


  1. Nice haul! I haven't tried NYX eyeshadows but I've heard great things about the brand in general.

  2. What a collection! I only have two of their products - e/s single in Eggplant and Runway Pallete in Smokey Eyes and love them both.

  3. OMG totally jealous XD
    great army! lol

  4. Monica, NYX is a hard to find brand to me, as I don't live near a Rexall, which explained the bulk purchase. I like them for the price, and quality isn't bad at all.

    Biba, I'm eyeing the palettes but haven't got any :-)

    rasilla, which shades do you like?