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NOTD: China Glaze 24K

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So it's the weekend. I'm having quite a schedule today, gym, a friend's engagement lunch, then a facial at the spa. If it's still bright out, we'd go sledding too. Quite a change from the regular Saturdays I normally have.

This was what I had on my nails yesterday - China Glaze 24K, a warm gold colour, subtle enough for work but still dazzling and glowing for casual Friday :-) Different from the nude/ pink/ mauve colours I had to put on for weekdays.

Then when the weekend comes, I couldn't take this colour off.

Solution: glam it up! I added China Glaze Medallion to the tips of all nails, and full nails for the ring fingers.

The close flash washed 24K out a bit in the second picture but I wanted to catch the glitters, so a close up was a must :-) Click for larger view, as always.

Application with China Glaze would probably the easiest for me, as I'm used to the cap shape and the brush size. Love their bottles, but I need to explore more brands. At the same time, if you need swatches of any of the shades you saw in one of my hauls, feel free to ask. Cheers!


  1. i love that gold colour! and medallion is my favorite colour so far because of the glitter and its so pretty for night outs with your friends.


  2. Gee, absolutely. I have Medallion on just for a get-together with the girl friends :-)

    Jenn, thanks girl

  3. I just saw this colour in a NOTD on another blog and it looked beautiful, now after seeing your NOTD I *have* to get it!

  4. Arezu, it is a gorgeous colour :-) Hope you still can find it, as it was gone at my Sally already

    Cocamia, thanks hon