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Cherry Culture sale

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This just came in my mail box: Cherry Culture is having Clearance sale (30-70% off) until January 24.

I haven't shopped at CC before, but am tempted this time. I saw that international shipping would cost $6.95, but there isn't an exact quote. Do any of you ladies know how they charge shipping to Canada? I basically need to know within what range that the minimum shipping cost applies so I can plan my order accordingly (in other words, so I don't go overboard, lol).

I was hoping for more discount on NYX items, so I can get over the $1 sale on NYX website (due to high shipping cost), but there isn't much. Any other suggestions on what to get?


  1. shexilicious, I don't think it's flat rate, as they quoted $11.50 to ship a $13 order. I don't think it's worth it :-( Wish they could just post the detailed ranges

  2. Its changed I think. It use to be a flat fee based on $ purchased. Now I think it starts at around $6 and goes up depending on the weight of your package. You should just add up the items you want and it will update the exact shipping cost I think.

  3. Yep, thank you. Their shipping cost sucks - it costs almost the same amount of my order :-)

  4. Oh dear. I'm tempted but I have to stick to my quick buy at Sally with my rewards coupon.

  5. Oh, thanks for the tip!! I haven't ordered from CC's one of those sites that I always meant to buy from but just have never gotten around to.

  6. OMG, I've been trying to look around the CC site since I left my last comment and it is SLOOOOOW. I can't take it takes several minutes just to load each page so looking at a ton of different brands would take me all night! Sorry...going to have to pass just on that alone.

    But if the site loaded quicker, I would definitely pick up the Kleancolor polish in Sonic Boom. Vampy Varnish has a beautiful swatch of it...soooo pretty for $1.50. :)

  7. WHAAAAAT?!!! Oh man that sucks :( It totally used to be flat rate.

  8. Mighty Lambchop, good strategy. I love Sally too :-)

    R, this would be my first at CC too, if I do decide to order. Sorry that you had to experience the slow site. Yep, I heard about that beautiful shade of polish, lol