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Canada Exclusive!

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Lately I haven't had much luck with postal services. Not that I complain Canada Post, but there were a few packages didn't make it to me as expected. Starting around last August, I noticed a package was lost (a prize pack that I won from a blog), then I was waiting forever for a pigment order that I placed in July. The latter turned out to be the seller's mistake of not processing the order, not Canada Post's fault, but I started to have a weird feeling in my stomach about getting (or not getting) parcels.

While I was away on vacation, there were some parcels I expected to receive but didn't make it to my mail box as of now. Without a tracking number, if the people who sent the packages said they did send them, I don't know what to do. One of the packages is very exciting, I can't wait to get it and share with you all. Let's cross our fingers that it would find the way to get to me soon.

Consider this picture as a subtle hint of what might be coming in that package. No, not a cat but it's about Canada, lol. The caption is hilarious!

I am unpacking, so there will be a few things I got at home to blog about. And if you saw my post about the Porter disaster, I finally decided to get it off my chest by emailing their Customer Relations (thanks to reader Michelle's suggestion). We'll see how it turns out. Oh Canada! :-)

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  1. Oh, I hate that feeling too! I get all worried and disappointed when packages don't make it to me or are late. I have a few packages that are late right now too. Good luck to both of us that our packages will arrive ASAP!!!

  2. Well technically if its about Canada there is tracking on it :T
    Well it should be unless they shipped it for under 2cm and put it through as lettermail.

    But you STILL haven't gotten that pigment order?
    Frig, I'll blast them for you, cause that is just RIDICULOUS. Grrr...

    Good for you for writing into Porter. Cause that was pretty pathetic on their part as well.

    Damnit...this Canada Exclusive thing is making me REALLY curious XD lol

  3. I have postal issues, too.

    I wonder at what point things go horribly wrong... at the shipper's end (when they discover the crazy cost of sending to Canada), in transit in the States, the border (having heard of nice things meant for others becoming nice things for border officials - or turned back for random reasons), somewhere in transit in Canada...?

    Almost worse than not receiving things at all is when they come with a hefty duty charge :(

    "Free trade". Huh.

  4. Lisa, we do need luck this time of year with our packages, don't we?

    rasilla, I do hope they'll have a tracking number for me. I can't afford loosing this package :-) And yes, still haven't got that order, might have to do a post about it, lol

    Emily, you do too? We are so vulnerable. I hate waiting, and custom charges :-)