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NOTD: Carlo Di Roma #03

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is the very first Carlo Di Roma polish that I didn't like.

First, it's a cream, not a shimmer, so it'd take me a bit of time to get used to.

I'm a sparkle loving kinda girl, as you already know. I decided to get some cream shades, just to improve my polish stash with different finishes. I have to say I have no complaints with cream, as it applied smoothly, no streaking.

Second, it's a white-ish pink, a little too bright for work (even brighter IRL than in the picture) and I wasn't sure how to tone it down. Maybe a konad with darker polish would help, as this shade by itself wouldn't work for my skin tone at all. Even the bf didn't like it on me. What would you do to make this work?

Note: I'm preparing a tiny blog sale for some items from my MAC kit haul - the last 3 pictures. If there's something you are interested in, email me with your offer - just to save me time putting them up :-) My frequent readers get first pick, it's only fair.


  1. Hum...I'd probably add Out the Door Holographic Top Coat to it! If you don't have that, maybe a multi-colored glitter top coat in a clear base? Just to give it a little depth and sparkle? Or if you want to change the color a bit, what about WnW Craze polish in Glitz? That's pink-based so it would probably be very pretty. :)

  2. Hey Girly!! I am like you, I love sparkle polishes! It would be hard for me to rock a cream without adding a sparkle top coat - ha ha! Thanks so much for following my blog!! xoxo

  3. hehe I'm not big on cream shades either. for one thing I have to apply 3 layers for the cream color to properly show! Then again my bf says that I'm emo cuz lately all i'm wearing is black and dark purple nail polishes LOL

  4. R, I did try glitters on top of a bight colour (my last NOTD) :-) Didn't feel like adding glitters to this one, funny enough

    April, yay for sparkles love :-)

    Pop Champagne, I'm turning to dark side too, lol. It's really fun

  5. check out the new page of carlo di roma!finally you can see the whole range,