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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Back to work after a day off, I felt like it was Monday all over again :-) Thought it would be fun to post up a few things I found on the web that I found very interesting. Everything I mention here is open for your interpretation :-)

I have always been amazed by the number of talented makeup artists on youtube, but what amazed me even more is this little girl - candyglitter1.

This video was what brought me to her the very first time, introduced by Beauty of the Earth.

She is only 11 years old and has so much potential in this industry that I can't even imagine. At 11, I didn't even touch a lip gloss yet, let alone doing a look like this. Would you wish yourself or your daughter could be this great at 11?

I know you would question the privacy and stuff on youtube for such a young girl like her. Her mom monitors her youtube account and all the correspondence on there. I think it's wonderful that she supports her daughter's passion for makeup and let her get on youtube. Wait until she becomes your age, lol.

On to food, introducing Burger King's Window 7 Whopper. Are you up for it?

And fashion!

You have probably seen these Bikini jeans around, but I thought it'd be funny to follow up after the whopper :-)

The idea was it's hip to wear low rise jeans, but then they are too low that we need to take care of the underwear showing issue. Then ta da, problem solved, 2-in-1 Bikini jeans.

What do you think?

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Last but not least, Alexander McQueen's latest heels, for the shoe lovers out there. I think there's even a term for them: ballett heels! A whole different level from the ballett flats, I'm afraid, lol.

They are 12 inches high!!! Very pretty but I couldn't imagine how hard they are on your spine and feet. Still want to be a model after this?

Feel free to check out the artile on InStyle UK for more "inspiration" :-)

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Hope I beat the "Thursday blues" with this post. You all have a good day!


  1. Wow, she is years beyond her age. Kudos to her :)

  2. Wow, CandyGlitter is so cute! She seems to really be doing this for fun, not to attract guys -- as her profile states, she actually wears very little makeup in public. Good for her for having fun with it =]

  3. Hmmm, that actually really scares me...I wouldn't want my 11 yr old (when I have one) to get into makeup so early in her life. Although it's for fun I'm sure there's still the element of vanity in it. I also wouldn't want her to put so many things on her skin at such a young age!

  4. awwww that shoes is too cute and funny !!lol

  5. I know it's early for her to start playing with colours :-) But as long as she doesn't wear it everyday (like she said she didn't), I think it's ok.

    And yeah, crazy shoes, but adorable to look :-)