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Winners - More beauty items

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I went shopping again, I know it's bad. My whole purpose was to go check out the 50% sale of coats at H&M but the selection wasn't exciting. I only bought a Minnie Mouse shirt for Squirt there.

I returned the ruffled dress to Winners, and found more stuff that the other 2 Winners I had been to didn't have. More Urban Decay goodness (CAD4.99 each) and more!

- Single eyeshadows - first time seeing them. I got one before but from a Midnight Cowboy Rides Again set. Only 2 left, and I got both: Acid Rain (light green) and Gash (deep red). Wish I found more :-)

- Lingerie & Galoshes for Lashes - the tube said Lash Primer and Waterproofer. I had to look it up when I got home, as I've never seen it before. Turns out, Lingerie primes the lashes (plump, lift and separate effects) before mascara and Galoshes waterproofs them after mascara.
It's nice to have the 2 effects separate to each end of the tube, as I don't always need both for a look. Any of you has this product?

The little red set in the picture is from Lola Cosmetics, CAD9.99. According to the website, their products available at Ulta in the US and online, wide varieties at pretty high end prices.
- Eyeshadow in Lola Night - no info on the website
- Social Eyes Gel Eye Colour in Shell (rosy pink, reg. $20), and
- Lip Indulgence Full Coverage Lip Gloss in Passion Fruit (golden coral, reg. $16).

So this set is certainly of good value, considering the individual retail price. There were other combos (blush duo with a gloss, or sheer lipstick with shadows, etc.) in stores, so you can check the brand out if you want. Be prepared though, their stocks vary so much among locations.

I should be in a shopping ban or something, but I know it wouldn't work, so why bother, right? lol. Have a good day, everyone!


  1. Wow, I really need to check my Winners! Those are amazing prices.

  2. Love, love, love Gash! It's such a pretty color.

  3. For some reason, Gash is really a popular colour. I found it in liquid liner, lip gloss, eye shadow, etc. Hope you ladies could find something good too :-)

  4. Man I never find anything good at Winners when I do go...I probably just don't go often enough! They're all a little out of my way thats why.

  5. AH!!!
    NOOOO lol
    you good all the GREAT stuff over there :P
    If you go back anytime, and happen to see another Gash, let me know and pick it up for me?
    For some reason I LOVE redish shadows...though it doesn't always look great XD

    Anyway great finds :P
    I returned the liners after reading the reviews on MUA, but I'm hoping to hit a few other places this week and see if they have any other selections :)

  6. blu3, I totally could relate to the fact that the store isn't really in the way. If you need anything I can pick up, just ask :-)

    rasilla, I sure can pick up Gash for you if I see it :-) Red is certainly not easy to work with, but it is a good colour to play around with too.

    It's interesting that the liner doesn't get good reviews. Let me know if you find anything at other stores

  7. Saw these at Winners but they had dirty smudge prints on all of them. I was so disappointed as I couldn't find one without fingerprints. Glad you found a few goodies.

  8. Sorry Monica, I don't understand why people do that. It's bad for Winners as well as they can't sell the products with prints on

  9. Ugh you think that smudges are bad?
    I saw a lady take out a lippie, and PUT IT ON!
    it was PURE nastiness and she had no shame, despite the utterly HORRIFIED look on my face.

    ps did you try out the mascara thingy?
    saw it at another winners, but wasn't sure if it was worth it.

  10. Ewww, gross! I found a few new items have plastic wraps around them, probably a way Winners does to protect their stuff :-)

    I haven't got around to try the primer yet