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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My trip to Walmart in the weekend was more than just for a WetnWild bottle of Shield. I got some shoes but didn't think they fit in with yesterday's post, so here they are today.

It's the end-of-summer sale at Walmart's shoes department. Lots of shoes, sandals and flip flops are on clearance.

I have to admit I'm not very good walking in heels. I'm loving the look of trendy studded gladiators or slouchy boots this fall but their heels are way too much for me, so I haven't bought any shoes for a while.

These are a lot easier on the feet and they are cheap (CAD5 a pair)!

The plaid pair has a bit of heels with fabric material. The other 2 are flat. The beige/lighter brown pair has fuzzy surface with little multi-coloured gems on the thongs. The darker brown pair has glossy flower patterns, and the woven thongs. I had a hard time eliminating any of them, and the bf suggested to get them all :-)

The blue shoes (CAD5) are my favorite find of the night. They look darker IRL, more wearable navy blue. The printed blue pattern on the platforms is so cute, and the height is just right for me. I was lucky to find my size among the last 2 pairs on the shelf.

The black sandals (CAD9) have wrap-around straps and embroided white flower petals. I could imagine myself rocking this pair at the beach at home this December already, lol.

I got Squirt a pair of Strawberry Shortcake water shoes (CAD5 as well), as she didnt like walking bare feet at the lake last weekend.

I'm a big fan of summer-end shoe clearance at Walmart, as with the price the way it is, I could have a few pair to switch around with. Any unworn pairs would be saved for next year, lol.

Have you bought any great shoes lately?


  1. I HATE flip-flops!

  2. puhahahaha!!!
    I was going to buy those blue flats!
    about a month back? but they were priced at $15 for us, and it was just a tad too big, and I got worried it might cause blisters cause it was loose and would rub the back of my foot too much.

    But I loved the colour!
    Great finds :)

  3. Newcomer, these are in no way the clumpsy/crappy kind and they are comfortable. I love to free my feet from closed shoes during warm months.

    Rasilla, check back to see whether the blue pair is $5 now, lol.