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NOTD: WetnWild Rustic

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I couldn't help myself but wanting to try the rest of the Craze collection I got, so here is Rustic, a very deep rusty brown/bronze.

To me, it is truly a fall colour, when all the leaves turn brown and chill breeze is in the air. Goldmine is probably more appropriate for this time of year, but I'll get to it soon enough :-)

This is just 2 coats, very opaque already, fabulous! I didn't add any glitter this time, as Rustic was pretty on its own. Made me feel so cozy inside.

On a positive note, I did find the whole Craze collection at my Walmart, a different store from the one WetnWild pointed me to on twitter though, lol. The bottles were tucked away at the corner of the shelf, and each colour had about 2-3 bottles left.

I only picked up Shield and skipped Glitz (a glittery purple) as a dear friend had picked up for me a bunch of Sally Hansen new Xtreme Wear on sale, including the new glitters.

Didn't get anything from Shoppers except Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics in Diva, in clearance for CAD1 .

I found SpaRitual Amigo Matte top coat at Winners for only CAD4.99 (retail $15), thought I might as well try out the new matte polish trend.

While there, I tried on a very beautiful dress (CAD99.99), felt so glamorous. I had no intention to buy it, as I don't have an occasion to wear it to, but I was curious how a $100 dress felt like, lol.

The 2 Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balms are from the lip balm blitz at Planet Organic. The bf came in with me, so I could exchange 2. Love events like this!

And a little late on the vampire wagon, but I watched The Vampire Diaries last night. Besides the fact that Ian Somerhalder (Boone in "Lost") is in it, the 2 main characters are also cute together, and I like Elena's makeup, lol. It's just funny all of a sudden so many vampy things are on tv. Keeping people entertained, I guess.

It was very nice out on Saturday but gloomy today, I didn't feel like doing much. Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. oh! I didn't know it was a matte maker!!!
    I saw them around at Winner's but didn't really look into it cause I didn't know the brand >_<
    I totally regret that now!!!
    Will try and check it out this Wednesday...
    There are two Winners within a few blocks of each other, so yeah...maybe I will find it too :P
    Thanks for the heads up on that~

  2. That bronze-y color looks really nice on you!

  3. I love that nail color. I just took it off my nails as they were chipping but agree Great fall color!

  4. Rasilla, there are also a few bottles of toap coat and treatment from SpaRitual, feel free to look around. I was looking for a matte top coat, $5 is a steal, so... :-)

    Shopn'Chomp and Stephanie, thank you ladies. Craze is so awesome, isn't it?

  5. THANK YOU so much for posting about the Burt's Bee promotion. We went with our old stuff- the princess (my daughter had a labella strawberry one, and I had an ELF lip gloss which I wasn't using) and we got two new lip-balms- like magic! You know I've been wanting to try Burt's bees since I came to Canada but was always put off by the price tag.
    Plus we had such a fun time at the Planet Organic shop -loads of free samples to eat- cookies, juice, and we came out stuffed. I wouldn't think of doing any shopping there (please! 10.99 for a bottle of fruit-juice? Get real) but the visit was fun- especially the helium balloons they handed to the kids.

  6. Newcomer, you're welcome :-) Squirt called this store the "tasty store" thanks to all the samples they put out. She didn't get a balloon though. We bought some Montreal bagels there, but you're right, their price range is pretty steep.

  7. I got the Wnw’s Rustic polish today(finally). Live in Barrie, On.
    Two Wal-Mart’s but most of time, the shelves of popular cosmetics are empty.
    I went down to Toronto today, can’t find Milani but got the Rustic.
    The color is beautiful! I am so happy to get one.
    Thank you for all the information you shared. And just love your blog!

  8. DixieatCamelotSqr, thank you for your sweet words. I'm so glad you found Rustic. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I totally understand the frustration not being able to find something at the store, as Halifax is small too.

    I haven't heard any Torontonian found Milani except the Roulette palettes at Superstores. So, the hunt is still on :-)