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Newly introduced brands

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I like to browse drugstores' makeup isles and am always excited to see new brands being introduced. I have recently spotted from the shelves at Lawton a few brands that are totally new to the chain (starting with Milani).

I have to give Lawton serious credit for expanding their brand list lately, as I now have easier access to more brands without having to count on a click of the mouse.

Too Faced arrived a few weeks ago at selected Lawton stores (depending on the space available for new products, as not all Lawtons are the same). They certainly don't have everything under the sun, but for what is there, the price is to my liking :-)

I noticed the famous Shadow Insurance is on for CAD16 (USD17 on their website or Sephora). There are single/duo shadows, lip products, brush sets, etc. to play with. They do have a few testers out, lol, so I've seen a few young girls swatching up all of them. Maybe they are beauty bloggers :-)

LA Colors started out with some small displays of LA Girl single shadows (CAD1.99), Trio shadows (CAD3.99) and the Art Deco nail art pens (CAD1.99). About 3 weeks ago, they came in full force with a whole shelf of products from face to eyes, lips, cheeks, etc.

I have my eyes on the mineral shadows (CAD2.99), some Color Craze nail polishes
(CAD1.99 each) and the 5-colour metallic palettes (CAD2.49).

The funny thing is LA Colors products already ended up at some dollar stores both in US and Canada. How come we are so late in this game around here, lol?

Lawton also brought in Sinful Colors nail polishes, lol.

Selections aren't too many, but the most popular ones are there. I heard so much about the wonderful green shade, San Francisco, and now I can see it IRL!

However, they are sold for CAD3.99 a bottle, which is probably twice as much of what US ladies are paying. No fair!

Demeter Fragrance arrived with a little display near the beauty section's cashier. Only 1 size available - the 15ml (.5oz) purse spray tubes - and they are CAD9.99 each, comparable to the price on their website (plus flat rate shipping to Canada of $12.99 though, lol).

Scents are quite limited to about 10's, mostly basic ones. I spotted Rain, Frozen Margarita, Honeysuckle, etc. No fancy bakery scents yet, which sucks.

I have also seen WetnWild's Fantasy Makers at Lawton, which is interesting as Lawton doesn't normally carry WetnWild. I guess it's a seasonal thing for Halloween.

The RIP Tombstone polishes and Confettis are so fun, but I think the most fun buy would be the Ice Princess kit with a glitter nail polish, a blue lipstick, a Duo eyeshadow and rhinestone eyelashes. I have no Halloween party to go to though :-)

On a side note, Annabelle has landed at Superstore (to fill in the space left by Jane) and Lawton (filled in for Carlo Di Roma). EcoTools is also available at Superstore now, so we have hope for better stock levels on these great brushes all around. Have you seen any new brands around you lately?

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  1. seirously the TFSI is insanity!
    ahhh....I know we don't have a lawtons in the GTA...but gonna search other places...maybe i can get a friend to bring it over when she comes into town...otherwise...*nudge nudge* LOL i know, im such a pest XD

  2. I want to hop over to Sephora right now and test out everything.

    *sigh* Too Faced looks like a great brand.

  3. Damn, LUCKY YOU!
    Btw, TFSI is 24 bucks at Sephora! So that's a really good price.

    I've never been to Superstore, but I should go check it out now!

  4. I'm really surprised at how much I really like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I've been a UDPP girl for a long time and recently switched over. I've been wanting to try out the Too Faced eye shadows as well. They are really creamy.

  5. Rasilla, sure the friend will bring you anything you want :-)

    FB, you haven't experienced Too Faced?

    Arezu, I just realized the price difference. Can't understand why though. Where do you do groceries at, cause I'm at Superstore every weekend :-)

    Naomi, it's always a battle between TFSI and UDPP - personal preference I guess :-) I haven't tried the shadows though

  6. I got a sample of the Too Faced Shadow insurance at Sephora and love it! I might have to pickup a full size someday.

    I found the Indulge line at Walmart tonight. Colours look great and the price is super cheap $2.46 for an eyeshadow palette! I should have picked it up but banned myself from buying. LOL.


    My husband is in Halifax today and tomorrow! I should have got him to go to a Lawtons and pick up some polishes. LOL. Right.

  7. Michelle, Indulge is hit and miss, so make sure to try one first before hauling big.

    If you want to try TFSI, ask him to confirm the price at Lawton. If it's $16 (which is a lot cheaper than Sephora), get it, lol. What polishes do you want from Lawton?