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NOTD: Carlo Di Roma #33

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My first attempt with a Carlo Di Roma polish after the massive .99 hauls I did at Lawton. Among all the shades I got, this colour (#33) - a light peachy pink - appeared to be best for work, so I thought I'd start the week with it.

The colour is pretty, both in the bottle and on my nails. It's creamy and sweet. I don't normally like nude shades, as they make my nails look dull. But this colour has enough pink for exciment while is still nude enough for work days.

The only thing though, it was tricky to apply. I don't know whether it was the square cap that bothered me, or it was the streaky formula. I haven't owned any rectangular bottles like this before, and it took me a while to get a good control of the grip. The brush is of standard size, so it took 3 coats.

I really like this colour, so I'm gonna keep at it to see if I can get better application next time. Also, I'll check other shades to see if the formula has the same issue. Any shade(s) from the haul you want me to do NOTD next?


  1. Pretty color! :)

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  2. kudos to you for pulling off that shade.
    I can only do nudes once every LONG while...

    I know you mentioned that you got them for 3.99, but for us its 4.99, no matter where I seem to go, thats what they are priced at in Toronto (at least the few locations I frequent), which is why I noticed it as being odd in comparison to Pharma Plus :T I hope they lower it soon to match your price though! That would be SWEET! and the last time I picked up Annabelle with Shoppers, they said that free compact only applies if they have the compacts for free left. If those were sold out, you can't just snag one from the display and get it for free. At least the Beauty SA told me at two of the locations. But it doesn't hurt to ask, cause sometimes they won't remember if they have it or not, and say okay...then will feel bad and just give it to you anyway! lol thats what happened once...the other time she just told me that they were out of the 'free' ones.

    and yes, im just recuperating at home...trying to relax and get my ish

  3. Shopn' Chomp, I sure will participate :-)

    Rasilla, it's odd that the price isn't the same there. One time the shadows even went on sale for $2.99. Most of Shoppers here still have a bag of free palettes. Hmm...

    I love the LE shades, a lot more fun than the regular (not all Shoppers have them though). Maybe I can pick some up for you if they are on sale. Want some?

  4. Nice shade! The nude is such a sophisticated look.

  5. Thanks, MizzJ. I was surprised that I like a nude shade actually :-)