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Blueberry U-pick

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is not gonna be a makeup-related post, as I was being good the whole weekend, didn't buy any makeup :-) I skipped the eye event at the Bay (hated the $20 limit), and Shoppers didn't really have anything on sale that I wanted.

The bf was back on Saturday and was lovely enough to drive us to blueberry U-pick. I mentioned a bit about the place, Blueberry Acres, in the Canada is priceless post. Basically we come and pick as much as we can carry, they weigh the berries in recyclable waxed paper boxes, and we pay (CAD2.15 per pound). We did some healthy damage with 3 boxes, about 27 pounds in total, during 2 hours at the farm. It took about half an hour to fill up a box in average which wasn't bad at all. We are professional pickers with 3 years of experience, lol.

The blueberries were just lovely, at the right size for picking. Just to show you the size, here was one berry in my palm. It was big and juicy :-) This was the beginning of the season, so the trees haven't been picked much. Pickers were sent to different sections of the field to assure equal picking activities.

The funny thing I found at Blueberry Acres was that they did not discourage pickers eating the berries while picking (before weighing them in). In fact, we were told not to get back on the bus without blue tongues (from all the eating). Squirt and I sure enjoyed a few snacks at the spot, but most of the time, we were too busy harvesting them.

I love blueberries and hate to pay outragous price during the off-season. So when the season comes, I sure stock up. With the cheap price offered, Blueberry U-pick is my favorite choice. Blueberry Acres also has a restaurant on site serving dishes with blueberries, plus blueberry drink and wine. I quite enjoyed the food there.

Every year, Nova Scotia, as the second largest blueberry producers in the world, celebrates Wild Blueberry Fest with different restaurants around the province featuring blueberry dishes, farmer markets and stuff. Check out the site for more info.

Hope your Monday has been going well.


  1. That's so cute, I'm sure you had loads of fun.
    A couple of years ago my family & I went strawberry picking, and we had a really good time, it's just for a couple of days we were sick from eating all that fruit, lol.

  2. I love those American/Canadian blueberries, but my favorites are the ones that grow in the forests here in Poland, these give you extremely purple tongue and teeth! xxx

  3. Wow, that is one big blueberry! Sounds like you guys had a really good time. :)

  4. Thanks guys, yes it was lots of fun and we did got some big berries.. I'm snacking on the them now, don't think I can say I have enough of them ever :-)

    Rocaille, our tongues didn't turn blue. Maybe one day, we gotta try the Poland forest ones lol

  5. those are FRIGGin HUGE!
    DANG, I want to munch on blueberries now :P

  6. They look delicious - and huge! Do you freeze it or make them into anything?

    Work takes me to a farmer's market once a week and it's soooo tempting to buy all the great looking fruit and veggies!

  7. I don't have a freezer, so we basically have to consume the berries fresh from the fridge. I'd love to learn how to bake, but it seems to be a lot of work :-)

    Wow, if I could be at the farmer's market once a week, I'd go crazy buying stuff too