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My Viva Glam V

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yay, I just got myself a MAC Viva Glam V. It was a bit of a struggle but I decided to go with the good old V that you all probably already owned. I don't normally shop at MAC, as you probably heard from me before, but I figured with $10 off, the deal wasn't bad at all.

I was originally going to get a Style Warriors lipstick, as I liked the packaging. Thought it'd be nice to own something different in my stash. I tried on Brave New Bronze lipstick and Style Warrior lipglass but they didn't show very well on my lips. My friend recommended the V before, so I tried it on. Got the approval of the bf and Squirt and certainly the MA, so it went home with me. Like the packaging and the good cause behind the Viva Glam line.

It was funny as we didn't leave the apartment until 2:30 and I wondered whether they gave out all the vouchers - as the promotion was supposed to be for the first 100 customers only. But the place wasn't any busier than any other Saturday and the MAC cashier had a bunch of vouchers lying around. The little jar that they used to put the turned in lipsticks in had about 5-7 items in it. I guess the Bay didn't get the words out enough.

I took my time to test out some Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine lipsticks as well, as I heard they were very moisturizing. I narrowed it down to 2 shades but couldn't decide whether they looked good on me or not. I don't know what it is with trying out lipsticks at the counter, I just couldn't get it right. The bf and Squirt already went to the Disney Store to entertain themselves, and I was happy with the V, so I didn't get anything else.

One thing I was glad to see at the cosmetics section was the reps used Beauty So Clean to clean all the products and brushes before letting me to test them out. I was more comfortable to play around when I knew the products are properly sanitized.

Have a nice weekend, ladies!

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  1. Good choice with the VGV :) It was my 2nd MAC lipstick I think. Thanks for posting the info because I went today and got a Chanel and Dior gloss each :D

    The promotion doesn't really follow their own fine print - the Dior lady didn't bother taking my used lippie for the coupon but just gave me the discount. She actually said there was no point in her taking Also I noticed none of the counters kept track of how many they gave out so it seems they weren't bothered with limiting the quantity to a hundred.

  2. Nice lipstick!
    And I agree, it seemed like not a lot of people would have known about it.
    Andddddd, when I asked to try on Bare slimshine at the MAC counter, the MA sanitized it with alcohol (which I was waiting for her to do anyways, lol) but before then when I went to the Clinique counter I think, and went up to one of the Bay ladies to turn in my lipstick and get my voucher, there was this girl there just doing her make-up right there in the open, and the sad part is she worked there, she was behind the counter, I was just thinking to myself, really?

  3. Love Viva Glam V -- it is a gorgeous colour!
    What shades of Clinique did you try? I haven't ventured to Clinique for lipsticks...yet!

  4. Yay, it feels good to know that I "enabled" some of you ladies to take advantage of the event :-) I thought the Bay did this to promote recycling and stuff, but if they didn't keep track, I don't understand what the purpose was.

    I guess some reps there would just use the products for free, or she might be late for work and didn't have time to put on makeup at home, lol. But you're right, it's wrong to do that.

    Also yay for your support of my purchase of VGV, lol. I'm a dummy at MAC. I tried on Clinique Apply Brandy and Ambrosia (they looked very different on my lips than in the tubes or on my hand, very interesting). I like coral lipsticks, couldn't find one that worked.