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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The find list this weekend would be short, ladies, as I flew out to Kingston (ON) this morning for a conference and wouldn't be doing any shopping for the day. I was kinda excited to find out there's a new Rexall Pharma Plus opening in Kingston this very weekend, but when I got here, they told me it was like more than an hour walk from here. There's no Pharma Plus where I live, so I can only go whenever I'm in Toronto or London (ON). Like I mentioned in my US Memorial Day sales post, I got most of my NYX stuff from Makeup Mix Shop. You can click on the link in that post, or click on the purple button on the top left hand side of my blog.

Saturday didn't actually start out right. I wanted to return the stuff I got from the Body Shop, as I said in last week's Weekend finds post when I found out the stuff is now sold for half the price I paid. They didn't let me return it, saying it was final sale. I was so pissed. I guess some stores really wanted to get rid of the stuff on sale and didn't want to take it back, but I felt being ripped off, as with the same amount of money, I could get double the amount with the current sale price. See, now all the makeup is on 3 for CAD15 (I know, I know, it's 3 for USD10, but here we have to pay a little extra. I'm pissed about that too) while they were only 30% off then - between CAD8-14. Lesson learned for me: Never jump on the first sale The Body Shop has.

As Zellers in the same mall, I just walked in to look around. Right at the door, they had all the Canada Day stuff on sale for 50% off. Look what I found. The moose pillow was CAD15 originally, and the neck pillow was CAD13. At half price, they aren't bad. I think they are cute and would be useful when me and Squirt fly home for my sis's wedding in December. She loved them too. It's gonna be a fight between us of who gotta use what on the plane :-) The pillows cheered me up a little, so I went ahead with my day, tried to forget about the "tragedy" at The Body Shop. There were a lot of stuff for Canada Day at the sale section, so if you are celebrating, grab some gear for cheap. They had T-shirts, hats, socks, aprons, can openers, etc. I won't be home to go see the fireworks with the bf and Squirt, a little sad. I normally take her to the park for "Teddy Bear picnic", have some pancakes and played around with face painting, music and stuff on Canada Day. It's fun to watch the fireworks, but it's always a pain trying to get out of the park afterward. We were in traffic for an hour before being able to move.

Here's what I got from Shoppers. Jergens Natural Glow was 50% off, so I got a Foaming Daily Moisturizer and a Firming Daily Moisturizer, on for CAD6.49 minus $3 from the coupons I linked in the Weekly Flyer deals post. Then I found something not advertised in the flyer. There was a plastic little shelf on the side of the cosmetic isle that said "Now or Never", and the little tag on it said 75% off Gosh, Quo and No7. Sadly, it was almost empty when I found it. I got the last Gosh Natural Blush in Juicy Peach for CAD4 (orginally CAD16) and a Gosh Duet Eye Shadow in Aqua/Mint CAD3.25 (originally CAD13). I never tried Gosh before (as their stuff is quite expensive), so I'm excited. There were a few coloured liners there but I wasn't interested. So check your Shoppers, they might still have some stuff left. Let me know if you found some good deals.

After I left the store, I found out that I had a GC from Shoppers that was going to expired the next day. I hated myself that I forgot to use it. So I went to the Shoppers closer to my place and found this at the clearance section. Physician Formula Mineral Glow Kit (Talc-free Mineral Wear) in Warming Glow. It has a Illuminating Veil and a Mineral Lip Sheen, originally CAD23.99 on for CAD9.99. There's another shade on the shelf too (Peachy Glow) but I don't think it'd work for my skin tone. There was no tester, so I'm not even sure the one I got works for me either. We'll see. Oh and the Highschool Musical lunchbox was for Squirt next school year, on for half price at CAD4.99. I didn't see anything in their "Now or Never" shelf, it was completely empty. Sad!

I'm in Kingston until Friday, will try to find some time to post during the week. Hope you all have a nice weekend. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I've only tried the Gosh liners and lipstick. Let me know what you think of the blush. That is a great deal. I will have to pop over to Shoppers tomorrow to see what they have on special.

  2. Ouch, I completely forgot about their final Sale policy :T Usually they do tell you when you buy them though. At least I found that the cashiers usually tell me they can't be returned. Sigh. Well you and I both learned a lesson :)

    GOSH! You got Gosh blush for sooo cheap! I would have totally jumped that one, cause it IS a good deal. I do happen to like their stuff. Not that I have tried a lot...

    anyway I'm quite sad. I had to see flyers online cause my paper didn't come. And I can't complain cause well its community papers right! lol ah week.

    Have fun in Kingston!

  3. They didn't tell me, otherwise I would think twice before buying :-( It was my first time returning anything to The Body Shop, so mad!

    Hope you guys could find the "Now or Never" shelf, as it is not at the regular Gosh section. Good luck :-)